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In some offices who value The Lost Ways Review fire work safety, they train every employee to know how to use the fire extinguisher. This is part of the fire safety precautions that most companies adopt to ensure the safety of the company against fire. Using a fire extinguisher is actually quite easy as long as you keep the four easy steps in mind and these steps could be effortlessly remembered with the help of the acronym P.A.S.S.You probably are wondering what P.A.S.S stands for but you could stop wracking that brain because this is what it means:P stands for pull. Pull the safety pin on the top of the fire extinguisher to be able free the lever of the extinguisher. The pin serves as the lock of the fire extinguisher that is why it is important to remember to pull it out first before trying to use the fire safety extinguisher.

A stands for aim. Aim the nozzle or the hose of the extinguisher at the base of the burning flame. Never aim it at the flames because it will be harder to put out the fire compared to pointing it at the base. Also, when aiming the nozzle, make sure that you are about eight feet away from the flame.S stands for squeeze. Squeeze gently on the lever to release the pressure from the fire extinguisher and to release the fire fighting chemicals inside it to put out the fire. Do not squeeze too hard for it might be too difficult to control the pressure of the fire extinguisher.

S stands for sweep. Sweep the nozzle of the extinguisher from side to side to put out the flames of the fire. When sweeping the extinguisher, make sure that it is still directed at the base of the fire to make sure that you will be able to fully extinguish all the flames from the fire.A fire extinguisher is truly of big help in controlling or trampling small fires and it is a great way to promote fire work safety. That is why it is essential to have it in all homes and buildings. And other than the fact that it is present in any property, people should also know how to operate it. So always remember the acronym P.A.S.S and you will be able to handle that extinguisher with ease.

Fire is one of the most important elements of all. Its usefulness is more than the ordinary. However, the harmful effects which it has, if left unheeded, can also be catastrophic. This is why it is essential that one is able to understand fire, and know the means prevent it.One of the most common reasons why a house or building got razed to the ground is negligence. Always remember that fire, even if it is such a force to reckon with, is actually preventable. You just have to arm yourself with the proper knowledge in order to assure yourself that if there is a threat of fire, you are equipped to handle it!