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Sour dough breads can be incorporated in StrictionD a low glycemic diet. Rice such as Basmati and doongara has a low index. If you are diabetic you should maintain a diet which is comprised of foods with low glycemic index as well as resume an exercise plan. Exercise assists with the fat burning process as well as reduces blood glucose levels.

The glycemic index originated specially for diabetics but now this eating regime is being used but many other people that have become health conscious. The low glycemic index is suitable for people that are overweight and want to eliminate the excess fat. This index is used to formulate a healthy and nutritious diet plan.

For those interested in following such a diet plan can go online and search for an excellent glycemic index guide. Before you go on any type of diet you should consult with their medical practitioners first. The way in which a low index works is that the effects of GI is measured on blood sugar levels.