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The last two decades has seen a major Blood Balance Formula change in the style and way of living. The lifestyles have changed a great deal and most people now follow a very sedentary life. This has given rise to many lifestyle diseases and diabetes takes the topmost place in the list.

Diabetes is categorized in the group of metabolic diseases and its characteristic feature is increase in blood sugar levels. The main reason for this is due to the defect in the action or secretion of insulin. In certain cases the action and secretion of insulin are both affected. This is also known as Diabetes mellitus and is also referred to as insulin dependent diabetes.

When the level of glucose increases in the blood it is excreted in the urine and hence originated the term sweet urine. Blood glucose levels are controlled and regulated by insulin. Insulin is a hormone which is produced in the pancreas by the beta cells. It is this hormone which is responsible in keeping the blood glucose levels under control.