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Then I surrounded myself with others doing the 7 Day Prayer Miracle same thing! I meet up with my team every week to talk about our successes! We talk about our successes, including who said "no", to joining up with us! I believe that our no's are more important than our yes's. That may sound crazy, as it did to me when my best friend said that to me. She told me that it is all a number's game, and that I need to celebrate my no's because they get me closer to my yes's. I don't need to concentrate on the people who said no. Odds are....they will come back someday, and want to join. That feels good knowing that! Timing is crucial! The right time for one person, is not always the right time for another! It's good to know that in the beginning, because if not, then you could feel discouraged! So, celebrate your no's, and move on to the next person!

Developing the right mindset, staying confident, and never giving up, has brought me where I am! I am grateful for my life. I now create my life, just the way I want it! Although the Secret is a good book to read to introduce you to the Law of Attraction, it leaves out a few crucial steps if you really want to succeed. It's not enough to change the way you think, or to think positive thoughts. There are other crucial steps on the road to success, like taking action. Below are three steps you can take to accomplish your dreams regardless of what your dream may be. Know what you want. Do you know what you want? It's not enough to want to have a lot of money, marry the person of your dreams, or travel the world. You need to be specific.

For example, if your dream is to be rich, exactly how much money do you want to have? Write that number down. If you dream of owning an expensive sports car, what color is it? What make and model? What does it look like on the inside? Write it down and then visualize what it looks like in your mind. Then visualize yourself driving that car.