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Set the right goals: Success is directly related 7 Day Prayer Miracle to goal setting. Consequently, setting the right goal, not just any goal but the right one that is in harmony with your core values will help you overcome success limitation. Books and Audio books: The importance of this point cannot be overemphasized. Get books and audio books in the areas of your life that you desire to succeed so as to learn and glean practical information that will facilitate your progress.

Mastermind Group: To have a group of like minded individuals that you can learn from and stay accountable to is invaluable. They can brainstorm with you on areas of difficulty and suggest solutions. Plus you will be able to leverage from individual or group experience and knowledge. Mentorship: Enlist with the help of a mentor that will guide and help you navigate through those limitations and at the same time you are accountable for executing your action plans.

Change Your Focus: You ultimately become what you focus on and what you focus on becomes your governing realities most of the time. Hence, rather than focusing on your limitations focus on your strength and possibilities. Decision-making: Between you and the action to be taken is the decision to act. Hence, knowing what to do base on the available information, responding quickly and effectively is critical to overcoming success limitations.