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Yes, they involve freeing yourself of those fears 7 Day Prayer Miracle because you have decided to look that fearful dragon in the eye. Yes, they involve you making a decision to go for it. Yes, they involve you investing time in exploring and nourishing your dreams. Yes, they involve you knowing that in honouring your dreams you are helping many others to honour theirs. Yes, they involve you trusting that the intelligence of the universe can orchestrate it a lot more easily than you can.

Instead of seeing themselves as successful, many people think of themselves as failures. This is because they go through the goal setting process but don't actually achieve their goals. And when this occurs time and time again they think being successful is beyond their reach.Part of the problem with this is that people are not working with the proper definition of success. People equate achieving success with goal achievement. However, the two are not necessarily the same.

A key point is that you don't have to have achieved your main goal to be successful. As best-selling author Robert G Allen said:"You don't have to achieve your goal to be successful. You just need to discover your path. When you're standing on your path and you take one step forward towards your goal you're instantly successful because you're on your path."