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Yoga can be helpful in more ways than one. Basically, yoga is Erase My Back Pain an exercise for the mind yet, it can also do wonders for your body. It is known as an efficient stress buster and it can greatly help clear one's mind of any depressive and stressful thoughts and ideas. This does not help you psychologically but physically as well. This way, you can make the right decisions regarding your diet and fitness. Moreover, there are specific yoga poses that can tremendously aid in weight loss and particularly on how to get a slim waist.Below are some of the yoga poses that you may wish to learn more about in order to cut down some inches from your waist and at the same time, cutting down your stresses in life.Crescent is a yoga pose that firms the abs, hips and thighs which makes it highly fit for how to get a slim waist. Thus, it is one of the best yoga poses that you must add in your routine. To do this, stand with your feet together and your toes set forward. Put your arms at your sides. Next, inhale and raise your arms over your head as if you are trying to reach the ceiling with your fingertips. Then, exhale while bending forward from your hips. Bring your hands down to the floor. Inhale again. As you exhale, lunge back with your right leg, then, raise your arms over your head while gazing forward. Hold the position for a few seconds and return slowly to the first position. Repeat (this time, lunge with your left leg)

The willow is a yoga pose that can help firm the sides of your abdominal muscles or the obliques. To do this, stand with your feet together, with your arms at your sides. Bring your left sole inside your right thigh, with the knee bent to your side. Put your palms together in front of your chest for a duration of two inhales and exhales. On your third inhale, extend your arms up as if reaching the ceiling with your fingertip and then exhale. By the fourth inhale, bend your torso to the left. Exhale and then inhale as you straighten back to original position. Exhale. Repeat the process (using the opposite leg every time).There is a lot to consider if you want to get a slim waist. There are several foods to avoid and activities to do that can get confusing.

This confusion must be avoided by following some guidelines to ensure that you are on the right track. Physical activity, a great diet and drinking lots of water can get you one step closer on how to get a slim waist.Cortney Patellio is a fitness fanatic and over the last years has become slightly obsessed with obtaining a womanly curvy body and it is something which has taken her many years to get. Finally she has the body she always wanted. And now after all those years of trial and error she is happy to share you with all the women out there that are finding it difficult to attain a physique that will get their men on their knees and make even their mirrors blush!The psychology of exercise almost seems unfair doesn't it? Seriously, we eat and so we have to "pay for it" by "working it off." Is that really what fitness and weight loss is about? If so, no wonder so many of us fail and get discouraged when we try getting there. Did you know, for example, it takes about twenty minutes of high intensity running on a treadmill to burn off that one chocolate chip cookie you just ate? Come on!