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Tony's quotes

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Tony Espinoza was a CEO of Couchsurfing at some point, after the conversion to a for profit company.

Tony Espinoza (CEO) Discussion - Week 3

  • "(If you’re looking for some spiritualist bullshit, I’m afraid, once again you’re going to be disappointed in my response. ;)"
  • "I am not afraid to stand up and say clearly: I am not afraid to stand up and say clearly: CS Ambs should not be promoting BW on the site or at events."
  • "(BTW, I recently saw the B-corp conversion video the founders made in 2011 -- I had never seen it before -- and I do understand why it caused a lot of concern.)"
  • "I think your comment here spells out the answer rather clearly. BW’s utility is dubious. I really don’t believe anyone invested in promoting it is serving travelers. Be real. ;-)"
  • "That said, I do NOT see the utility in BW and it’s clearly been associated with working against CS -- which is something I think is not in the best interests of CS."


Week 5

  • "I’m going to assume English is not your native tongue and choose not to take offense." and then "I don’t “preach” zero tolerance, I actually practice it by deleting members who CS members [sic]. I understand the emotion here but you’re misinformed or confused. The second profile is not used externally except to make these posts and to test unreleased features. I use only one profile in the CS community."
  • " It’s not my place to question whether or not the founders had the right make CS into a venture backed startup. It would be the moral equivalent of debating if my parents had the right to have me as child. The point is that I’m here now and life is short."

Week 6

  • "I hear you. I can’t speak for what Casey did, but I can say from my perspective it’s clear the community built CS, not the other way around."
  • "We all know that verifying a credit card only verifies a credit card."