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Stranded Travellers in Melbourne

This is a non-comprehensive list of free and low cost services available from organisations in and around Melbourne’s inner city. These agencies offer many types of support suitable for CS surfers and hosts.

Suicide Line 1300 651 251

These include free and cheap food, accommodation, health, drug and alcohol as well as emergency and crisis services, counseling, where to find showers and laundries plus legal advice.


Emergencies Requiring Police, Fire or Ambulance

In case of emergency, call 000 for the Police, Fire or Ambulance, or 112 from any mobile phone that operates on the mobile frequencies used in Australia. Also see 000 Wiki page for more information.

The following info is taken from the 000 Fact Sheet provided by AusDin.

Knowing how to call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency can be the difference between life and death. The Triple Zero (000) service is the quickest way to get the right emergency service to help you. It should be used to contact Police, Fire or Ambulance services in life threatening or emergency situations. Calls to Triple Zero (000) are free and can be made from mobile phones, home or work phones or pay phones.

How to make a Triple Zero (000) call

There are a few simple steps to take when making a Triple Zero (000) call:

   * Stay calm and call Triple Zero (000) from a safe location.
   * A Telstra operator will answer and ask you if you need Police, Fire or Ambulance. Say the service that you require. If you are calling using a mobile or satellite phone the operator will ask you for other location information.
   * You will then be connected to the nominated emergency service operator, who will take details of the situation.
   * Stay on the line, speak clearly and answer the operator's questions.
   * Give the operator the details of where you are, including street number, name, nearest cross street, and locality. In rural areas it is important to give the full address and distances from landmarks and roads, not just the name of the property.
   * Don't hang up until the operator has all the information they need.
   * If possible wait outside at a prearranged meeting point or in a prominent location for emergency services to arrive to assist them to locate the emergency.
   * If you make a Triple Zero (000) call whilst traveling on a Freeway or on a rural road, identifying the direction you are traveling and the last exit or town you passed through will assist emergency services to correctly locate the incident. 

Some Inner Melbourne Police Station Locations

637 Flinders Street, Melbourne Phone 9247 6666, Open 24 hours

226 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Phone 9650 7077, Open 24 hours

330 Drummond Street, Carlton Phone 9347 1377, Open 24 hours

Tram route: 1, 8

Provides general policing, community assistance along with crime fighting for the Victorian community.

[ Police]

Helpful Crisis Phone Numbers

Child Protection Emergency Service 13 1278

Direct Line (24-hr drug and alcohol counseling) 1800 888 236

Gamblers Help Line Victoria 1800 156 789

Kids Help line 1800 551 800

Lifeline (24 hr crisis counseling) 13 1114

Maternal and Child Health Line 13 2229

Mensline Australia 1300 789 978

Narcotics Anonymous – Victorian Area Helpline 9525 2833

Narcotics Anonymous – National Phoneline 1300 652 820

Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1800 806 292

Suicide Line 1300 651 251

Victims Support Agency 1800 819 817

Women’s Information and Referral Exchange 9921 0878 or 1300 134 130

Travelers’ Aid

Travelers Aid should be a first point of contact for most Surfers with (non-emergency) crisis issues such as financial, personal or accommodation.

Southern Cross Station

Under the Bourke Street Bridge near platforms 1 & 2 Phone 9670 2072

7am to 11pm

• free assistance to frail, infirm, elderly, disabled, visually or movement impaired customers to ensure swift, confident and safe passage throughout Southern Cross Station.

• clean and accessible rest rooms, baby change facilities, showers and a family friendly resting space.

• for travelers in crisis, recommendations of affordable accommodation, relief agencies and emergency relief assistance (Monday to Friday: 9.30am-2pm). [[ ]]

The Drama Downunder; Contraception Issues, Sexual Disease, Aids.

Unfortunately, sexually transmitted infections are rife among travelers and young Australians (That is you!). The Australian Government will pay for travelers to get checked for STIs and will even pay for them to get treated. They are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, they've just figured out that it's cheaper to treat travelers in Australia before they infect locals, as they have a (statistical) tendency to do.

Please go and get yourself checked out if there is any chance that you have an STI (If you have ever had sex, there is a chance that you have an STI). Most people who are infected don't know it and don't show any symptoms until it' too late to do much about it (and often have infected other people).

It's free, it's confidential, it's convenient, it's easy.

There are central clinics that are easy to get to and they also have free interpreters so there's no need to worry about language issues.

Australians can go too.

Free services include: Clinical consultations with specialist doctors and nurses for issues such as Sexually Transmissible Infections HIV/AIDS Hepatitis immunization Telephone results, advice and information service, provided by expert nurses On-site pharmacy A fully equipped laboratory for rapid results of some tests Free condoms, lubricant, dental dams and needle and syringe program Interpreter services for people from a non-English speaking background Educational brochures Referral to other agencies.

Action Centre Level 1, 92-94 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne Phone 9654 4766

• contraception

• sexuality and gender issues

• pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy

• sexually transmitted diseases

• sexual decision making

• relationships

Services are primarily for under 25 year olds. Our fee for clients over 18 years and who are working is $28 per year, or if on a pension or benefit it is $6 per year (to cover supplies).

CASA House (Centre Against Sexual Assault)

3rd Floor Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Phone 9635 3600

Counseling and Support line: 9635 3610

• counseling

• advocacy

• health services

• legal advice

The crisis-care unit at the Royal Women’s Hospital is available after hours for recent assault victims.

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre

For more information, check out: Melbourne Sexual Health Centre 1st floor, 580 Swanston Street, Carlton Phone 9347 0244

Tram route: 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72

Monday to Thursday: 8.40am-5pm

Friday: 1:10pm-5pm

• sexual health services

• immunization

• pregnancy testing

• counseling

• pharmacy

• needle exchange

• result and information line

The clinic operates on Thursdays 5pm-6:30pm by appointment only.

Medical Issues

"Nurse-on-call" on 1300 60 60 24, for a local call charge, 24hours a day for information on nearby doctors, pharmacies and advice.

Alfred Hospital Commercial Road Melbourne, Phone 9076 2000 Tram route: 72 • acute medical and surgical hospital services • inpatient and outpatient treatment including geriatric medicine • centre for heart-lung transplants and treatment of trauma, HIV/AIDS and hemophilia • after-hours emergency and casualty services

Royal Melbourne Hospital Grattan Street Parkville Phone 9342 7000 Tram route: 19, 55, 59, 68 • outpatients’ emergency service

Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital 32 Gisborne Street, East Melbourne Phone 9929 8666 Tram route: 31, 109, 112 • outpatients’ emergency service

Royal Women’s Hospital 132 Grattan Street, Carlton Phone 9344 2000 Tram route: 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67, 72 • outpatients’ emergency service

Living Room Primary Health Service 7-9 Hosier Lane, Melbourne 3000 Phone 9662 4488, Freecall 1800 440 188 Weekdays: 1pm-5pm • health services • referrals and information • counseling • chill out space • tea/coffee/snacks

Living Room is made up of a team of counselors, health workers and doctors who provide a confidential ‘user friendly’ free health service. Drop into Hosier Lane or contact outreach workers by phone.

Medical Costs

A Doctor's visit can cost between $35-70 without travel or other insurance.

Just one trip in an ambulance can cost between AUD$670 to over $5,000, if an air ambulance is necessary.

Therefore, please check that you have sufficient travel insurance, or you are covered by the Reciprocal Healthcare Arrangement.

The Metropolitan Ambulance charges $871.15 for emergency road transport and $262.87 if they attend but do not transport you to hospital. Visit the Victorian Ambulance website for the most up to date fees.

Reciprocal Arrangements

Australia has Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with nine countries. These Agreements cover immediately necessary medical treatment only. Under these Agreements, residents of these countries have restricted access to Medicare while visiting Australia. The nine countries are:

  1. Ireland
  2. Italy
  3. Finland
  4. Malta
  5. the Netherlands
  6. New Zealand
  7. Norway
  8. Sweden
  9. United Kingdom

Please tell staff that you wish to be treated as a Medicare public patient under a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement. You may be required to produce your passport as evidence of your eligibility. For more info check this website, visit any Medicare office or call 132 011.


Alcohol and Drug Issues

AL – ANON, Family Groups Level 7, 99 Queen Street, Melbourne Phone 9642 3330 Support group for relatives and friends of alcoholics, or those whose lives have been affected by an alcoholic. Alateen is also for adolescents whose lives have been affected by an alcoholic.

Alcoholics, Anonymous Victoria Level 1, 36 Church Street, Richmond Phone 9429 1833 Tram route: 24, 42, 78, 79, 109 Weekdays: 9am-5pm Phone Weekdays: 9am-9:30pm Weekends: 9am-5pm

AA is a fellowship of men or women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. Two gay and lesbian groups and two Koori groups are held weekly.

Psychiatric and General Counseling Services

Drug Safety Services

348-350 Smith Street, Collingwood

Phone 94171299

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10.30am-5.45pm Thursday: 12pm-5.45pm

North Yarra Community Health’s primary health service for people who inject plus drugs plus primary needle and syringe program.

Services include:

• doctors

• drug and alcohol counseling

• nursing

• breakfast program

• phone, shower and laundry facilities

• advocacy, support and referral

• needle and syringe program

Clarendon Clinic 52 Albert Street, East Melbourne

Phone 1300 558 862, (new referrals)

Tram route: 24, 42, 109

• psychiatric services for people with serious mental illness

• crisis assessment

Melbourne Counseling Service

1st Floor, 69 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Phone 9653 3250

• gambling counseling

• sexual assault counseling

• a unit of Gamblers Help

• financial counseling

• general counseling

Young People’s Health Service 19 King Street, Melbourne Phone 9611 2409 Weekdays 12noon-5pm

• health services (free for 12-22 year olds)

• provides support and information on general health, drug and alcohol, sexual and mental health issues.

Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre

54-62 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Phone 8413 8444 Tram route: 86, 96

• drug and alcohol withdrawal services

• specialist pharmacotherapy (referral only)

• forensic program

• counseling and case management

• Hepatitis C treatment (on site)

• addiction medicine (including chronic pain consultancy)

• needle syringe program

• acquired brain injury consultancy

• limited outreach program

All services are free except medications.

Free Legal Services

Fitzroy Legal Service 124 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Phone 9419 3744 Tram route: 112 Weekdays: 9am-5pm Drop-in service is from 6.30pm-9pm weekdays (free legal advice available). • legal advice Community legal centre offering free legal advice, representation in court, community programs, projects, and publications.

Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre 22 Bellair Street, Kensington, Phone 9376 4355 Weekdays: 9.30am-5pm Monday Evening: 5pm-7pm (appointments only) • free legal advice and assistance for local people

Victoria Legal Aid 350 Queen Street, Melbourne Phone 9269 0234 • legal advice • public library There are no fees for appointments.

No Couch or Food

Crisis accommodation info line 1800 627 727 (10am to midnight 7 days) can provide useful information Crisis accommodation [1]


Please click on the Hostels link in the Melbourne Wiki to check where a bed is available.

Homeless Shelters'

If you arrive in Melbourne homeless and unable to afford accommodation the following link has contact details for homeless shelters / welfare agencies that can assist. Crisis accommodation info line 1800 627 727 (10am to midnight 7 days

Reverse charges 12555 Directory assistance 1223 Traveler's Aid - 2nd floor 169 Swanston st Melbourne, Ph: 9654 2600 Will provide emergency assistance with travel arrangements and costs. showers, lockers, Metro tickets, laundry vouchers, food vouchers.

Other Shelters available -

Other shelters available -

  • Hanover Inner North - 264 High St, Northcote, 9486


  • Hanover Sth Bank - 52 Haig St, Sth Melb, 9699 4566

  • Salvation Army Open Door - 168 Boundary Rd, Nth Melb,

9329 6988. This provides a safe, pleasant environment with women only areas.

  • Ozenam House - 170 Flemington Rd, Nth Melb, 9329 5100

Some of these cost, but but there may be arrangements where people can use the services and pay back later. Some will allow you to stay for several weeks.

Free or Cheap Food and Drop-in Centres Providing a Range of Services

Drop-in Centres provide a wide range of services on an walk-in and informal basis. They can often refer those in need to appropriate services. They can be a first point of contact. Drop-in Centres usually provide cheap or free food, washing facilities and a friendly, safe place for friendly, supportive conversation.

Anglicare Victoria – Lazarus Centre

203 Flinders Lane Melbourne, Phone 9639 8510

Weekdays: 9:30am-12pm

• advice and referral

• shower

• washing m/c and dryer

• clothes

• toiletries

Anglicare Victoria – St. Peter’s

East Melbourne

15 Gisborne Street, Melbourne East

Phone 9662 2391

Tram route: 11, 12, 42, 109

• breakfast 7:30am to 8:30am

7 days a week.

• food service at 8:30am

7 days a week.

Brotherhood of St. Laurence Coolibah Centre

67A Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Phone 9483 1345

Tram route: 112, 86

Client based services only

• breakfast free

• lunch $3, tea $0.20

• showers

• payphone

• health services

• accommodation referral

• psychiatric referral

• podiatry

• optometry once a month

Church of All Nations

180 Palmerston Street, Carlton, Phone 9347 7268

Tram route: 1, 8

• lunch on Mondays (donation)

• pantry – a current ID must be presented

• limited food vouchers are only available on 1st working day of each month – a current ID must be provided

• drop in centre

• RecLink program

• referral

• advocacy

• women’s program

Opening hours – community lunch only: Monday: 11.30am-1pm

Women’s Program:

• Tuesday: 11am-3pm

• Wednesday: 1pm-3pm

• Thursday: 10am-12pm

• Fridays: closed

Women-only emergency relief on Thursdays from 10am-12pm.


Swanson Street Lunch with free second helping six days a week for five or six dollars.

Food Not Bombs - "Food is a right not a privilege."

Free Vegetarian Food

Monday at 12:30 Cnr. Brunswick and King William Street, Fitzroy.

Monday at 7:30 pm. Outside Western Bulldogs, Barkly Street, Footscray.

Tuesday at 7:30 pm. Cnr. Gertrude st. and Brunswick, Fitzroy.

Hare Krishna Temple

Food for Life, 197 Danks Street, Albert Park Phone 9699 5122

Tram route: 112 • free meals

Meal serving times: everyday 1pm-1:30pm, weekdays 5:30pm-6:30pm and weekends 6pm-7pm.

Loophole Community Centre, 834a High St., Thornbury

Food not Street Kitchen Sundays at 6, by donation

Loophole Community Centre, 834a High St., Thornbury

Cooking starts at 4.

Eating starts at 6.

Everyone is welcome to cook and eat. All the food is vegan.

Matthew Talbot Soup Van

• free food

Serves sandwiches, soup, sausage rolls, meat pies, pasties, tea, coffee, cordial every night of the week (including Christmas night and all major public holidays)

The van parks at:

• All Saints Church (Fitzroy) at 7:45pm

• Hanover House (Southbank) at 8:45pm

• Flinders Street at 9pm (every night except Monday and Tuesday)

• Hotham Hotel (corner Spencer and Flinders Streets) at 9:15pm

• Victoria Market (Peel Street – Flagstaff Gardens End) at 9:45pm

Van also visits the boarding houses in and around the

Fitzroy/Brunswick area.

Rosie’s Bus

Wednesdays: 8.30pm-10.30pm Fridays: 9.30pm-11.30pm

Rosie’s Bus parks at Flinders Street Station and provides tea, coffee, milo, cordial and doughnuts.

Help for Hosts Facing Homelessness


Youth Services

19 King Street, Melbourne, Phone 9611 2411

• accommodation referral

• centrelink

• youthnet

• gateway reconnect

• legal advice

• health services

• counseling


• step ahead

Hanover Northcote continued

Fridays: 10am-2pm (crisis housing appointments)

• accommodation information, referral and support

• health services

• blankets

Crisis and outreach service to people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness/eviction. An outreach team operates five days a week and visits people who are sleeping rough. Hanover’s services are free of charge. Appointments can be made to see the nurse who is part of the outreach service.

Hanover Southbank 52 Haig Street, South Melbourne, Phone 9699 4566

Tram route: 96, 112

• short term accommodation

• referral

• health services

• laundry

• free legal advice and assistance provided by PILCH Homeless Persons Legal Clinic – Wednesdays: 1.15pm-3pm

Cost $14 per night, or $98 per week, includes breakfast.

How to Avoid Being Stranded

Please plan ahead and contact your preferred host about one week beforehand.

The following electronic resources are also available

• Victorian State-wide Human Services Directory

• City of Melbourne’s Social Support Directory

• InfoXchange – Service Seeker

• Council to Homeless Persons

• Aboriginal Housing Board of Victoria

• Australian Federation of Homelessness Organisations