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Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Sports / Pictures Of The Shop Bet9ja Old Mobile Game That Won 30 Million Naira In Owerri (8242 Views) Africans That Won The World Cup With France. This happened last week at one of the popular betting centers owned by a guy named Vicki who is also popular in his own way in the betting business. His office is located at the Akwakuma Junction, Orlu road. I gathered the game had an extra 400k on top and the winner was said to have given it to the friend who borrowed him the N100 he used to play the game.

A lot of people have been amazed by the game and are studying it to understand what the young man (who is now at large for reasons you should know) was thinking when he placed the bet. His luck might rub of on them. I got the code from one of them who showed me how to login and check it (I don’t bet so I didn’t know how …lol). Check out details of the game. Re: Pictures Of The Shop Bet9ja Old Mobile Game That Won 30 Million Naira In Owerri by salbis(m): 7:51pm On Dec 03, 2015 Good. Re: Pictures Of The Bet9ja Game That Won 30 Million Naira In Owerri by wtfCode: 8:31pm On Dec 03, 2015 mehn, i'm happy 4 him. 1 game, cuz most of my games are being cut by 1 game. Re: Pictures Of The Bet9ja Game That Won 30 Million Naira In Owerri by wtfCode: 8:59pm On Dec 03, 2015 how many game did he accumulated and why did u wipe the coupon id? Nairaland - Copyright © 2005 - 2019 Oluwaseun All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.

Bet agents in Ilorin on Tuesday have lamented low patronage by customers in their betting shops. Some agents told the News Agency of Nigeria, that there was a drastic fall in the number of customers flocking their shops for sports betting. Mr Segun Adekunle, who owns a Bet9ja Shop Bet9ja Old Mobile at Sango area of Ilorin, said there was low turnout of customers compared to few months ago. "Customers are no more coming. We don’t experience long queue like before. No much sales anywhere because only few people come in to stake games," he said. Another Bet9ja agent in Taiwo, Ilorin, Mr Dayo Moses said the few people coming to a went for low amount. "Nobody is ready to stake high. They rather stake with N100, unlike before when people stake with amount as high as N5, 000 for games," he said. A Nairabet agent, Taofeek Suleiman of Fate, Ilorin said his Shop Bet9ja Old Mobile was no more filled up like before. "We used to control crowd before now inside my Shop Bet9ja Old Mobile as everybody struggled to play games. The situation now is discouraging as everywhere is scanty," he said.

Organizers of Big Brother Naija reality show have revealed the staggering amount winner of the show will take home. The winner of the fourth edition of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV show, will walk home with N45million. This amount will be way bigger than what previous winners - Efemoney and Miracle - went home with. This revelation was made by Multichoice’s Chief Customer Officer in Nigeria, Martin Mabutho, Who Owns Bet9ja also revealed why the BBNaija 2019 edition is holding in Nigeria instead of South Africa where it normally holds. Why did Multichoice decide to bring the show to Nigeria? It made sense that we bring it here. The first one we did was See Gobe, and Double Wahala last year eclipsed See Gobe …it was completely flawless.

Now at that state we said there’s no doubt that bringing the show to Nigeria would be the right decision. It would be worth the investment and it’s exciting for us. Corporate Nigeria and sponsors have latched onto it in a big way so in my view, it’s going to be bigger than all the shows we have ever How is the selection process for housemates carried out? I’m not on the selection panel but for this year, the mixture of different individuals will determine the final number that will go into the house. Will the partnership with Bet9ja be a long term deal? For this season, Shop Bet9ja Old Mobile has an option to renew. We have had different sponsors in the past and it depends on what their priorities for the season are. Will there ever be a female host? We had two hosts for the first one Big Brother Nigeria - Michelle Dede and Olisa Adibua. So let’s see what happens with this Will there a bigger prize money this season? I can put it this way - I can’t say about the prize money but the total value of the grand prize will exceed N45m.

The Nigeria’s rapid population growth (estimated at 185m this year), the falling mobile data costs; and the increased use of mobile phones rather than PCs in surfing the internet is attracting more technology users online. More and more Nigerians are now using the digital space in their day-to-day social activities and economic transactions. As a matter of fact, we want to know what they are doing online and which websites they are visiting. This trend edition is going to reveals huge web analytical information useful for digital marketers, online advertisers and developers who are looking for the most visited websites in Nigeria to place their company or business advertisement. On the other hand, if you are carrying out industry research, you may find useful information about your target audience or more about what your competitors are doing. Our major sources of information come from Similar Web and Alexa Web Service.

But, we are going to focus our findings and conclusions on Alexa because if it’s widely acceptance as the most reliable source of detailed web analysis. This web information can help business owners understand traffic rankings from the largest to the smallest competitors’ sites of focus. The information contained in this post includes the average number of page links each sites received within the last three months, the average page views per user, and the percentage of internet users visiting these websites. Nevertheless, we’re going to focus our report on what we termed "the top ranking indigenous websites in Nigeria".

It also offers unique features and Internet-related services and products that are mostly used across the world. Although, Facebook is rated the number one social media network in the world. New data shows Nigeria’s 16 million Facebook users represents the highest in Africa. Nigeria is still Facebook’s biggest market on the Followed by South Africa, with 12 million monthly users; while Kenya had 4.5 million. Hmm…And now you want to ask why people are engaged in football betting or gambling? Youtube which is also the Google owned User-submitted online videos platform is also rated high in its industry with comments and contests features making it world number one.

1) Nigeria political news website, with a lot more about entertainment, weather reports, jokes, job, games, events and more. Nigerians are increasingly adopting electronic transfer as a means of payment and this is a plus for online businesses. As we can see! The top websites in Nigeria have huge daily traffic or web visitors, which can be of great economical benefits to the host, as well as any online advertisers or entrants who want to place banner ads on these sites. Not forgetting also the observers, competitors or companies Who Owns Bet9ja are thinking of rubbing shoulders with these established online businesses in Nigerian. So, you can connect with people Who Owns Bet9ja are looking for your products or services online using their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even desktop computers.

If you are just starting out, then you need to understand the latest online marking practices such as having a strong search engine optimization strategies, a repressive website design, social media advertising and so on. As a digital marketing agency in Nigeria, Abbakin will continue in carrying out research on this local market trends, creating quality content and increasing its user engagement rate all the time. Contact us today if you need help on how to grow your business online. You can plan to attend our digital marketing seminar "The electronic business ecosystem in Nigeria is larger than the physical trading stores that you see. Nigeria has not even started. It’s this article helpful? Comments and Share it with friends. To keep the conversation going, follow us on Twitter, Facebook @abbakinglova. Or join our Forum. Subscribe to our Newsletters now if you want to receive latest updates about innovation, business trends and marketing related topics. You’ll get a free eBook!