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Trustroots SUPERSPRINT Safety Team Meeting

Date: 2020-06-12 19:00 UTC+2 / CEST Facilitator: Participants: Ludo, Dario, Phil


  • supersprint check-ins
  • random
  • new people on board: shall we wait a bit?
  • double profile
  • pick facilitator for next meeting



random 1: I didn’t get what Noah wrote us about oerlapsing safey&support. Were they meant to be separate in the original idea? /ludo random 2: Dario spoke about our abuse case in the weekly meetings. For outcomes/suggestions check the pad.

new people on board: shall we wait a bit?

We agreed on waiting a bit that newbies are more self-confident with the tasks (like 1 month?) Then we coud maybe “advertize the position” (on socials?), preferably for other genders than males.

double profile

A person recently reported a double profile. Dario offered to check it and tke this ticket.

Next meeting

  • Ludo will send a dudle (two weeks one, so that we don’t do it every week and we can maybe organize better our agenda. Then we can update it gradually ofc)

Next Date: ?? Next Facilitator: ??