Ryazan Oblast

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Ryazan oblast - neighbouring with Moscow Oblast. Are - 39 800 km. Population - at 1,2 million. Language - Russian. Hitchabilty - good. There are two federal tracks in Ryazan Oblast: M5 (Moscow - Chelyabinsk) and M6 (Moscow - Astrachan). M5 going threw Ryazan city, M6 going at 40 km from Ryazan threw Michailov. Ryazan has a bypass, so, if you do not planning to visit this city, you can go circling it without any problems. Hitchhiking is easy as on a federal tracks, as on the local roads.

There are some interesting objects to visit in Ryazan Oblast. First of all, at 100 kilometeres norther-western of Ryazan located Okskiy Sanctuary. Coming into the territory of Sanctuary are banned, but near of the Sanctuary (in Brykin Bor) you can visit and look up a biggest in the world collection of cranes. If you want, you can feed it your fish from your hands. By the way, fishing near the Sanctuary are free in Pra river and you can catch a lot of big and small fish. Also, 2 kilometers from the collection of cranes you can find a pen with bizons. Not far away from M5 federal track located an Old Ryazan - place, where was located Ryazan before Tatarian-mongolian invasion in ancient Rus. That place always take place an archeological excavations. If you interested by archeology of Russia and Russians, you can take part there.