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How could Trustroots ever replace CouchSurfing?

There are tons of things to be done that needs people to make actual time for it.

The question starts with: what was the activity level of couchsurfing pre covid? 1M active monthly? To replace CS TR needs at least 1M members.



As of July 2020 there are 46k members. So insignificant. If we want to reach 1M in 5 years we need to get to an average growth of 200k per year, or 4k per week. Currently we're at 350 per week. So we need to grow roughly 10x faster.


This means we'll have to grow massively. For this we need to have the right features, especially references and translations. For this we need developers.

For the growth to be healthy we need to have a good group of people who are able to handle the surge in support requests and related safety issues.