New Caledonia

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There are few CouchSurfers in New Caledonia, an island in Oceania, however, if you're around the South Pacific, it's a country worth checking out. One of the few French speaking countries around.

Being a couchsurfer in New-Caledonia

Culture and being a good guest

See the general guide on How to be a good guest [1]

Easy couches

Off the beaten track

Besides the main island, don't forget to check out the Loyalty Islands: Lifou, Ouvéa, Maré and Ile des Pins, little paradise islands where you can get around hitchiking and where you'll be able to experience a little bit of Kanak life in local hostels. Unfortunately, you will hardly find any couchsurfers outside from the capital city Nouméa.

Scams & safety

Getting Around

To and from the airport

By Taxi

By Bus

Travel by Car

Travel by Bus

Travel by Plane

Travel by Boat


Tips and trivia


What sort of music?




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