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Country: France
Region: Lorraine
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More Information:
CS Group Wikipedia

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Nancy is a city in France about 410 000 inhabitants in metropolitan area (1999), Eastern France.
Nancy is a famous place about Art Nouveau (US) / Art Nouveau (FR).

History of Nancy

More informations about the History of Nancy on the wikipedia:Nancy !

What to visit ?

More informations about the places to visit in Nancy on the wikivoyage:Nancy !

How to find a host in Nancy ?

There is a group about 5/7 couchsurfers in Nancy : we know each other ... Thanks to CS :-) ... and when couchsurfers want to and/or come in Nancy :
- First : we help to find a couch for them in finding an available couch or share help if a CSer host have a problem at the last moment to host his guest(s), for example,,
- Second : we organize lunch, visits, etc.

So, don't hesitate to contact one of the very active CS members in Nancy :
Xavnancy, Samuel, Arnaud, Steff
You can use the local group too Lorraine to expand you search.

Sometimes, we organized official meetings :

Meeting organizer : Xavnancy

- N°1 - Saturday, 14th April, 2007 (4.00 pm - 6.30 pm) :
CS Meeting - Et si les Lorrains se rencontraient ? (Nancy - Lorraine - France) :
File:LorrainGroupMeeting01 070414 small.JPGSteff, Xav and Sam

- next one : to be organized ;-)


When looking for a couch don't hesitate : post a message in CS Lorraine group

Youth Hostel / Camping:
--> Youth Hostel
--> Camping of Nancy-Brabois but it's difficult to go with public transportation.


- Rollerskate hiking : Rollver website, a 10/15 km hike around Nancy every friday evening, 8.30 pm to around 11.00 pm (website in french language only)

- Wikivoyage : Nancy,

Public transportation

Nancy has a public transport system offering several bus lines and a first tramway line allows to cross the city from West to East, more information about timetables (FR : "Horaires"), maps (FR : "Plans"), etc. : Stan (french language only)

Festivals in Nancy & around

- Every year, end of october : Nancy Jazz Pulsation, International Jazz week in Nancy,

- May 2007, 16th to 20th : Festival International De Chant Choral, International Choral song festival in Nancy ...


Here are a few nice place to eat in Nancy. You have a famous street in Nancy, in the Old City, "Rue des Maréchaux" or "Rue Gourmande" where you can find plenty of restaurants:

- Cuba Feliz cubean restaurant

- La Boucherie , meat restaurant

- L'Epicerie , local food

- La Gentilhommière , french food, fish & seafood

- Le Vivier , fish & seafood

- Le Muscovado

- Les Druides ,Asterix style restaurant

- Bella Vista , italian & meditteranean food, pizzeria

- L'Escale

- La Petite Venise Ristorante , italian & meditteranean food

- La Table de Bacchus , terroir

- L'os a Moëlle meat restaurant

- Chez Hans , alsacian food

- La Chamade

- La Table Gourmande

- Le Bistrot de Gilles

In other parts of the city you can find other interesting restaurants, here are a few ones:

- Le Bouche à Oreille 42, rue des Carmes cheese & cheap restaurant

- L'arrosoir 21, rue Héré (near Place Stanislas) French food & pizzas

- Les Moulins Bleus South of France cuisine

- Le Capri 26, rue Stanislas pizzeria

- Le P'tit Cuny 97-99 Grande Rue French & alsacian food

- La Mama Julia 16, place des Vosges pizzeria

- Zhong Pin 90, rue Jeanne D'arc japanese food

- Les Césars pizzeria on Place Stanislas

- La Taverne de Maïtre Kanter 61, rue Pierre Semard alsacian food

- Le Melkim Pot 3, rue l'Ile de corse restaurant, bar, tea room, massage institute,...

- Chez Manola 133, Avenue Général Leclerc Spanish food

- Crep' Show 4, grande rue Crêpes!

- Pasta Mano quick italian food one at Kinépolis cinema , one near Macdonald's downtown (rue Saint dizier)

Quick food:

- Made in France 1, rue Saint Epvre French burgers

- Pain Vanille 6, avenue foch (near railstation) burgers, salads, paninis,...

- Asia Wok 27, rue du Pont Mouja asiatik tak away

Night life

First, here are a few bars

- L'Hemingway 5, rue Maurice Barrès (between the cathedral & Place Stanislas) cocktail bar in a latino athmosphere

- Les Artistes Café 36, rue Stanislas lounge

- Pub Mac Carthy 6, rue Guerrier de Dumast, near Law Faculty open untill 5:00 on the week ends, pool

- La Place Place Stanislas night bar with a dance floor (gay friendly)

- Café des Anges 22, rue Saint dizier bar with a dance floor

- Le Varadéro 27, Grande Rue latino bar

- N°5 Place Stanislas

- Le Vertigo 29, rue de la Visitaion café/théâtre (theatre & shows)

- Les Frères Berthom 5, rue Stanislas Beer bar

- Le Phénix 19, rue Stanislas Irish pub

Then, if you wanna dance all night long, here are a few clubs:

- Le Chat Noir Rue Jeanne D'arc All styles of music, from latino to rock, from RnB to house, from zouk to disco, etc...

- ARQ 13, rue Héré (near Place Stanislas) dico, funk, dance

- Les Caves du Roy Place Stanislas all kinds of music

- L'envers 1ter du Général Hoche Pop Rock

- L'O Quai Sainte Catherine (Nancy's harbor) On a boat! House & techno

- Le Blue Note 3, rue des Michottes All kinds of music

- Le Circus 42, Rue Jean Mermoz 54500 Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy techno/house

- Solitaire's club - Le Platinium Complex Parc d'Activité Lafayette, 54320 Maxéville all kind of musics but mainly retro

In Case of Emergency

Here are numbers to call in case of emergency

  • Police: 17
  • Firemen: 18
  • Hospitals: 15
  • European emergency number: 112
  • Consulates in Lorraine:
  • Consulate of Algeria in Metz

1 bis, avenue du Général Leclerc-de-Hautecloque 57000 Metz Tél: Fax :

  • Consulate of Belgium in Metz:

2 bis, rue Winston Churchill 57000 Metz Tél: Fax : [email protected]

  • Consulate of Côte d'Ivoire in Nancy:

41 bis cours Léopold - 54000 Nancy Tél: Fax :

  • Consulate of Spain in Metz:

1, place du Pont A Seille - BP 14124 57040 Metz cedex 01 Tél: Fax :

  • Consulate of Estonia in Nancy:

9 rue du Général Fabvier BP 3864 54029 Nancy cedex Tél: Fax : [email protected]

  • Consulate of Finland in Nancy:

102 rue de la Côte 54000 Nancy Tél: [email protected]

  • Consulate of hungary in Nancy:

16 rue de Bitche 54000 Nancy Tél: Fax : [email protected]

  • Consulate of Italy in Metz:

7, boulevard Georges Clemenceau 57000 Metz Tél: Fax : [email protected]

  • Consulate of Latvia in Nancy:

Place de l'Alliance 2bis, rue Girardet 54000 Nancy Tél: Fax : [email protected]

  • Consulate of Luxemburg in Metz:

Résidence Le Ruisseau Impasse du Ruisseau de la Tannerie B.P. 30081 Saint-Julien-lès-Metz 57072 Metz Cedex 03 Tél: Fax :

[email protected] 
  • Consulate of San Marino in Metz

18, place du Forum - 57000 Metz Tél: / 75.15.31 Fax :

  • Consulate of Senegal in Nancy

23, rue du Sergent Bobillot - 54000 Nancy Tél: Fax : [email protected]

  • Consulate of Czech Republic in Nancy:
523, avenue André Malraux

B.P. 1 54600 Villiers-Les-Nancy Tél: Fax : [email protected]

  • Consulate of Ukrain in Metz:

26, route de Metz 57050 Lorry-Les-Metz Tél: Fax :

Contacts of all ambassies & consulates in France are listed here

Local Media Mentions

File:Article Est Républicain - Nancy 18 Aout 2009.jpg
Est Républicain, Local Newspaper, August 18th 2009