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Welcome to the Miami Couchsurfing Wiki Page! Everybody feel free to contribute to help our community grow :-)

We probably should put some stuff in here, I'll get it started with a few sub headings & maybe some people in the know can add some content.....

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Miami, USA

Miami is a major city in southeastern Florida, in the United States, It is the county seat of Miami-Dade County. Miami is a gamma world city with an estimated population of 404,048. It is the largest city within the South Florida metropolitan area, which is the largest metropolitan area in the Southeastern United States with 5.5 million people. Miami and its surrounding cities make up the fifth largest urban area in the United States. As of 2005, the United Nations estimates that the Miami Urban Agglomeration is the fourth largest in the United States, and the 44th largest in the world. For more detailed info go here to wikipedia :-)

Around Miami - Tourist Tips

Where to party in Miami! Your daily guide.

OK people, I need your help here!! We'll be discussing this on a thread in the Miami group to get your input. People come to Miami to party, so let's not let them down!!!

I'd also suggest browsing the Miami Clubs, Lounges & Bars Listing.

For weekly happenings, visit [1] or [2]

  • Friday :
  • Saturday :
  • Sunday :
  • Monday :
  • Tuesday :
  • Wednesday :
  • Thursday :

Where to drink (work in progress)

Bars and Hangouts:

South Beach:

  • Zeke's (625 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach)
  • Abbey Brewing Company (1115 16th St, Miami Beach)
  • Abraxas Lounge (407 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach)
  • Rooftop at Townhouse Hotel (150 20th St, Miami Beach)
  • Jazid (1342 Washington Ave, Miami Beach)
  • The Room
  • The Office
  • Nikki Beach: Resort community Bar/club, 1 Ocean Dr Miami, FL 33139.
  • BED: (929 Washington Ave, Miami Beach) expensive, but really good on South Beach. Best night ???

North Bay Village/Upper East Side:

  • Shuckers: (1819 79th St Cswy, North Bay Village) cheap bar/ restaurant with amazing bayview.
  • Boteco: (916 NE 79th St, Miami)


  • Tobacco Road (626 S Miami Ave, Miami)
  • Transit Lounge
  • The White Room
  • The Vagabond

Design District:

  • Circa 28 (best night is Saturday night)

Where to eat


In South Beach:

  • Big Pink: Dinner style food... Service not so good, but food good and portions gigantic.
  • Rosinella. (Italian, on Lincoln Road)
  • Sushi Samba
  • Le Bon: Belgian Food. During the week they have a special from 5:30 to 7:30, where you pay according to the time you get. At 5:30 you pay 5.50 bucks, at 6 pm you pay 6 bucks, etc
  • La Sandwicherie: delicious sandwiches. whole in the wall. great and cheap.
  • A la Folie: french, affordable.
  • Indomania: dutch/indonesian.... delicious Rijstaffel


  • Tutto Pizza and Tutto Pasta
  • Archies
  • Taqueria El Mexicano: Super cheap mexican
  • Tobacco Road: (restaurant and bar): great burgers and lobster special certain day of the week.
  • El Carajo: restaurant/ wine shop inside a gas station. Delicious tapas, incredible wine selection and great prices and atmosphere, despite being on a gas station

Coral Gables:

  • Ortanique: expensive but delicious.
  • OneBurger: delicious burgers
  • Moon: Thai and Japanese

Biscayne/North Beach/Aventura:

  • Uva 69
  • Boteco: brazilian bar/restaurant
  • Shuckers: cheap bar/ restaurant with amazing bayview
  • Lula's Russian Kebab: great/cheap russian places
  • Michy's: Expensive but delicious

What To Do

There are many things to do in Miami. Attractions on South Beach are within walking/biking distance. Once you leave South Beach, attractions are spread through a vast area and a car will come in handy. If you don't have a car, public transportation is available, but it has limited reach. See Public Transportation Section.

Most people come for the beach and the nightlife.


  • Start here for some research on South Beach.

Other Beaches:

  • Crandon Park in Key Biscayne
  • Matheson Hammock Park in Coral Gables
  • Sunny Isles Beach


National Parks

  • Everglades National Park
  • Biscayne National Park




Snorkeling/Scuba Diving


  • Vizcaya
  • Deering Estate
  • Miami Art Museum
  • Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)
  • World Erotic Art Museum
  • Coral Castle

Surrounding Areas

If you have a way of getting around be sure to check out the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables


Most of the festival in South Florida are during "the season", which means during any time of the year, but summer, when people in Miami tend to hibernate. Here are some of the highlights. More info will be added. (please help with dates and links)

Coconut Grove Arts Festival


Art Basel Miami Beach

Winter Music Conference: During Spring Break. Techno, trance and other electronic music. Parties all over town during a week, generally closing with the Ultra Music Festival [3]

Art Deco Festival.

Last weekend of May: Hip-Hop Festival. Rap, hip-hop, R&B. A lot of "Scarface" devotees and tricked out cars. Safer than you'd expect at night, unless you're a woman who's not wearing much.

Miami International Film Festival [4]

Upcoming Meetings

We need a few suggestions for cool locations with nearby parking so travelers coming through can easily setup a meeting without knowing the local area! Again let's have some suggestions, keep in mind parking, and the average price of drinks as many travelers are on a budget!!!

Next Miami Meeting!! Our next meeting is of course the Potluck on April 20th here to register your attendance!

Venetian Pool Meetup We're waiting for the weather to warm up but it's sure to be a great event!! Keep an eye out for the invitation!

Organise your own Miami CS meeting! Whether you are a traveler or local, pick a location and tell us about it in the group or via a meeting request!

Suggested meeting locations

  • Zeke's
  • Shuckers
  • Monty's
  • Scotty's
  • Abraxas Lounge


Beautiful from September to April/May and hot, humid, rainy and unpredictable during summer.


  1. Rough Guides travel information.
  2. Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Miami posts
  3. NEW PhotoBucket upload your Miami CS Pics here. <=== NEW


(Miami visitors, please help with opinions on hostels)

Jazz on South Beach Hostel Started operation during 2008 season, has gotten good reviews as one of the better hostels in SOBE so far: reviews: hostelworld , hostelz

South beach Hostel

Clay Hotel HI Hostel This is a hotel that also operates as an HI hostel, be sure to specify that you are interested in dorm room when you call


In case of emergency, call 911!

Medical Issues

If you have travel insurance remember to call your insurance provider first or you might not be able to claim back the expenses.

Major hospitals in Miami include: (please help with additional info)




Getting Around

Public Transportation

"it's really not bad at all, if you know the numbers to call"

Visit for information on all forms of transportation in Miami-Dade County


  • Miami International Airport

Flights to most US major cities, the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe. Most likely where you will be arriving if flying from abroad.

  • Fort Lauderdale International Airport

  • Palm Beach International Airport


There are Two Rail systems in Miami Dade Area. The Main one is the Metrorail(Stations Listed Below.) The Other is the Metromover, Which services the Downtown Miami Area.(Not Miami Beach)

( MetroRail Stations Listed North to South )
Palmetto---7701 NW 79th Ave.
Okeechobee--- 2005 Okeechobee Road
Hialeah---125 E 21st Street
Tri-Rail---1125 E25th Street,Hialeah.
Northside---3150 NW 79th Street
Dr.ML King Jr---6205 NW 27th Ave
Brownsville---5200 NW 27th Ave
Earlington Heights--- 2100 NW 41st Street
Allapattah---3501 NW 12th Ave
Santa Clara---2050 NW 12 Ave
Civic Center---1501 NW 12th Ave
Culmer---701 NW 11th Street
Historic Overtown/Lyric Theatre---100 NW sixth Street.
Government Center---101 NW First Street <---This is the Main Station, Here you can Purchase a 7-Day Visitor Pass for $19.00 (good for all Metro Transport)
Brickell---1001 SW First Ave
Vizcaya---3201 SW First Ave
Coconut Grove---2780 SW 27th Ave
Douglas Road---3100 Douglas Road
University---5400 Ponce de Leon
South Miami---5949 South Dixie Highway
Dadeland North---8300 South Dixie Highway
Dadeland South---9150 Dadeland Boulevard

Both Trains Run From 5am to 12am(Midnight) (also see "Transit Tips" below) --Xain 00:09, 6 March 2008 (UTC)


The Bus system is Called the Metrobus. The prices are listed Below. Remember if you are visiting you can purchase a 7day Visitor pass at Government Station.
--Xain 00:06, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

Transit Tips & Useful Phone Numbers

305-770-3131 <---This number makes Using the Public Transit in Miami So much Easier, Just tell them Where you are, and Where you Want to go, and they will tell you What Bus/Rail to take in order to get there.

305-375-1647 <--- Call this if you would like info on the Bicycle Lockers in Miami.

A link to the Trip Planner page.
A link to the Miami Area Transit Website.

--Xain 00:08, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

General Transit Info

The Bus is $1.50 for one ride, if you need to Transfer it is $2.00 The Metrorail is $1.50 and the Machines to let you in Only except Coins or passes. (There are Change machines at all the stations. put in a dollar you get a token, put in a token you get four Quarters) Also you can obtain a 7-Day visitor pass that is good for the whole metro system it costs $19.00

--Xain 00:07, 6 March 2008 (UTC)