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Country: France
Region: Lorraine
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Metz, France. Metz, a European destination !

History of Metz

EN - Aged more than 3000 years, the city of METZ has a rich history and culture. It was ranked as the 39th city to visit in the world by the New York Times. Located in the Lorraine region, in the center of Europe, next to Luxembourg and Germany, it can be easily reached by high speed train (TGV) in 1.2 hours only from Paris. Main buildings are made of yellow stone called Jaumont stone.

First invaded by the Romans, the city of Metz then becomes the capital town of the Austrasian kingdom. In the Middle Age, Metz becomes an oligarchic republic and it was repetedly invaded afterwards. During its history, Metz was often considered as a strategic military place.

FR - Vieille de plus de 3000 ans, la ville de METZ est riche d’histoire et de culture. Elle a été classée 39e ville à voir dans le monde par le New York Times. Située en Lorraine, au centre de l'Europe (à proximité du Luxembourg et de l’Allemagne), elle est accessible en TGV depuis Paris en moins de 1h20. Une grande majorité des bâtiments sont construits en pierre jaune, la pierre de Jaumont.

D’abord occupée par les Romains, la ville de Metz devient ensuite la capitale du royaume d’Austrasie. C’est à Metz que naît la dynastie des Carolingiens. Au Moyen Age, Metz devient une république oligarchique et la ville est de nombreuses fois assiégée. Au cours de son histoire, Metz a été souvent considérée comme un centre militaire stratégique.

More information about the History of Metz on the wikipedia:Metz !

What to visit ?

  • The Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Etienne) is a truly impressive structure, overlooking the river and the city. Inside, both its height (the third-tallest nave in France) and its stained glass windows (reportedly the largest surface area in France, with several painted by Chagall) will impress visitors. Advice: have a look at it by daylight and also by night!

  • Place d'Armes, the square next to the cathedral, is notable for the four buildings that surround it. They were specifically designed to show the balance between the various local powers: religion (the cathedral), the military (now converted to the tourist office), civil government (the town hall) and justice (the court building).

  • The Covered Market (Marché Couvert), opposite the cathedral, was historically the bishop's palace. Today it hosts stalls selling meats, cheeses, and other regional specialities. On Saturdays (9h - 12h) it takes place a market where you can find local products.

  • The Opera-Théâtre, not far from the Cathedral, is a theatre and opera house, built between 1732 and 1752 - the oldest in France still acting.

  • The houses of St Louis Square (Place Saint-Louis) were built in the 13th century on the old city walls by Italian bankers to look like Italian lord castles.
Place St Louis

  • The Railway Station (built in 1908) and its imperial area built during German occupation.


  • Botanical Garden (closing at night fall).

  • Pompidou museum (free entrance under 26 yo and over 60 yo, 7 euros otherwise)

More information:

Centre Pompidou

  • The German gate is one of the Medieval gates of the city. It was built between the 13th and 15th century.

  • The Serpenoise gate is one of the old city gates. It was built in the 19th century at the same place as the original one that was destroyed in the 15th century. Next to it you can find a WWII memorial.

More information about places to visit in Metz on the wikivoyage:Metz !


Distance between Metz and : Paris : 333 km - Luxembourg : 60 km - Germany : 60 km - Belgium : 80 km.

Metz has the advantage of having major communications links that reinforce its European vocation :

Motorway interchange : the A31 linking Northern Europe to the Mediterranean crosses the A4 which provides the link between the Atlantic and Eastern Europe.

Airport facilities : the airports of Metz/Nancy/Lorraine, Luxembourg and Saarbrucken International rail links to Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and Italy and soon the European TGV-Est, whose 1st stretch will put Metz within 1,5 hours of Paris as well as making the interconnection with the German network much easier.

Waterways : the Moselle canal part is linked to the North Sea via the river Rhine. The city attracts Europeans from within a radius of 300 km, all less than half a day away, which represents a market of 75 million people with high purchasing power.

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Practical Informations

  • Luggage locker: As in many French railstations there's no luggage locker in Metz's, but there's a tobacco shop ("bureau de tabac" in French) that proposes to keep your luggage, it's call La Civette and is located just in front of the station