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This emergency travel information is intended to be specific to the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Emergency Information

In case of emergency, call 000 for the Police, Fire or Ambulance, or 112 from any mobile phone that operates on the mobile frequencies used in Australia. Also see 000 Wiki page for more information.

The following info is taken from the 000 Fact Sheet.

Knowing how to call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency can be the difference between life and death. The Triple Zero (000) service is the quickest way to get the right emergency service to help you. It should be used to contact Police, Fire or Ambulance services in life threatening or emergency situations. Calls to Triple Zero (000) are free and can be made from mobile phones, home or work phones or pay phones.

How to make a Triple Zero (000) call

There are a few simple steps to take when making a Triple Zero (000) call:

  • Stay calm and call Triple Zero (000) from a safe location.
  • A Telstra operator will answer and ask you if you need Police, Fire or Ambulance. Say the service that you require. If you are calling using a mobile or satellite phone the operator will ask you for other location information.
  • You will then be connected to the nominated emergency service operator, who will take details of the situation.
  • Stay on the line, speak clearly and answer the operator's questions.
  • Give the operator the details of where you are, including street number, name, nearest cross street, and locality. In rural areas it is important to give the full address and distances from landmarks and roads, not just the name of the property.
  • Don't hang up until the operator has all the information they need.
  • If possible wait outside at a prearranged meeting point or in a prominent location for emergency services to arrive to assist them to locate the emergency.
  • If you make a Triple Zero (000) call whilst travelling on a Freeway or on a rural road, identifying the direction you are travelling and the last exit or town you passed through will assist emergency services to correctly locate the incident.

Ambulance Charges

Just one trip in an ambulance can cost between AUD$670 to over $5,000, if an air ambulance is necessary.

Therefore, please check that you have sufficient travel insurance, or you are covered by the Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement.

The Metropolitan Ambulance charges $871.15 for emergency road transport and $262.87 if they attend but do not transport you to hospital. Visit the Victorian Ambulance website for the most up to date fees.

Interpreter / Translator

  • If a person is unable to speak English, they should call Triple Zero (000) from a fixed line, say ‘Police’, ‘Fire’ or ‘Ambulance’. Once connected to the nominated emergency service, stay on the line and a translator will be organised.

Medical Issues

  1. Better Health - An excellent website with lots of great advice, all medically sound.
  2. After hours pharmacies - you can always call them to check if they are open, or for any advice on minor illnesses, drugs and medicines.
  3. Find a doctor, dentist, pharmacy in your area - you can even specify your location and operating hours (very useful when it’s midnight on a Saturday) or if you prefer a female doctor, click on the Services, Availability or Practitioner tabs under the search bar. Keep in mind that information might not be fully up to date, so it’s best to call ahead to check service hours and availability.

Specific Information

  1. Emergency contraception or the morning after pill
  2. Drink spiking
  3. Sexual Assualt

Useful Phone Numbers

  • Centre Against Sexual Assault, for advice following rape or sexual assault: 1800 806 292 (Free Call, Victoria only)
  • Family Planning Victoria: 03 9257 0100 (local call charge, Victoria only). Sexual health, emergency contraception, abortion, etc.
  • Abortion Help (by Marie Stopes International) - FreeCall 1800 003 707 in Australia.
  • Nurse on Call: 1300 60 60 24 (local call charge, Victoria only)
  • Interpreter or translator: 131 450 (local call charge anywhere in Australia)
  • Poisons Information: 13 11 26 (local call charge anywhere in Australia)
  • Emergency Dental Info: 03 9341 1309 or contact your dentist on their emergency phone number. You might be able to find their number using this search service. (local call charge, Victoria only)
  • Housecalls, Australian Locum Medical Service: 13 26 60 (local call charge, Victoria only. Can cost up to $160 or more)