Meeting Minutes/2021-01-24 Regular Meeting

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Date: 2021-01-24 **16:00** UTC

Facilitator: Tanja

Present: Akos, Shawn, Chagai, Iván, Loberto, Farbenrausch


  • Hellos and checking in.
  • Last week's Action Points (10 minutes):
    • @Chagai posted a proposition about how to suggest a videocall to members in #support.
    • @Shawn is in contact with Sabrina and will check up on her.
    • @Shawn is going to set up a "Friday happy hour" for our members.
  • New topics / questions
    • There was discussion about what constitutes growth on Trustroots after some of the conversations regarding communication and how it impacts grow this past week. Since there are volunteers with varying perspectives of the pace of growth for Trustroots(Reference: it was discussed that it may be healthy for there to be another outlet/channel for conversations to continue.
  • Action points and outcomes
    • @Sabrina PM was interested to do more volunteering, and is helping with testing on dev2 now.
    • @Chagai is open to co-creating / planning a hackfest/athon for the end of February/early March date if anyone wants to help with preparing the weekends objectives.
  • Pick facilitator for next meeting

Next Date: January 31, 16:00 UTC