Meeting Minutes/2020-12-18 Regular Meeting

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Date: 2020-12-18 **16:00** UTC

Facilitator: Tanja

Present: Jans, Ludovica, Ivan


  • Hellos and checking in.
  • Last week's Action Points (10 minutes):
    • The main link is changed to: so members can join through internet or call in.
    • @Chagai made a test group on the Matrix to make communication possible between all kinds of platform/apps.
    • @Shawn can we add in the newsletter if member would like a Q&A moment on youtube? @Chagai is willing to create one.
    • Can someone upload the meeting I facilitated on the wiki since there're problems with my account? I posted the outcome o the meeting in #general back then (Tanja)
  • New topics / questions
    • Update about #promo-content (Tanja)
    • Video "party"/Q&R with for our members *Monday 28th of December 19:00 UTC* (Tanja)
    • Newsletter is published this Sunday/Monday (Tanja)
  • Action points and outcomes
    • Suggested by @Ludovica for the newsletter: make a summarize at the top so members directly can see what subjects are in there. I (Tanja) will add this.
    • Monday 28th of January 19:00 UTC there's a members videoparty/Q&R organized by @Chagai and @Tanja. More info will follow.
    • @Ivan is working on activating the TR instagram account and will contact @Shawn about it.
    • There's a Google form and account created that can be used for asking members to download content. @Tanja will create a different post about it to explain in #communication.
    • Next meeting is moved to Sunday 27th of December due to Christmas.
  • Pick facilitator for next meeting