Meeting Minutes/2020-12-11 Regular Meeting

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Date: 2020-12-11 **16:00** UTC Facilitator: Tanja Present: Chagai, Ivan, Charles (not yet a member but friend from Chagai who's helping to test the Matrix set up)

Agenda (Add your name if adding a talking point, thanks.)

  • Hellos and checking in.
  • Last week's Action Points (10 minutes):
    • @Shawn will look into Facebook description and newsletters stuff
    • @Hlib will go on implementing non-controversial technical experiences tasks
    • @Chagai will set up matrix on his server.
    • @Hlib and @Tanja will try to see what are the best ways to summarize slack-channels and threads
    • Make slack-bot post message with useful information and links after each new volunteer joins
    • Think about creating a 2-min introductory video for new volunteers
    • Think about streaming Trustroots QA/quiz nights

  • ( Your talking point here :))
    • Suggest to try a Matrix channel to test texing in combination with this Jitsi meeting (Chagai)
    • Intro new channel: #promo-content (Tanja)
    • Working on improving #ahoyparty with @Loberto and @Chagai (Tanja)
  • ( Additional topics/questions)
    • Who's working on the circles at the moment? (Tanja)
    • Is there an update on the experience tool? (Tanja)
    • Is the Q&A for a TR youtube channel something you're going to work out @chagai? (Tanja)
    • How is the setup for the Matrix going @Chagai? (Tanja)

  • ### Action points and outcomes
    • The main link is changed to: so members can join through internet or call in.
    • @Chagai made a test group on the Matrix to make communication possible between all kinds of platform/apps.
    • @Shawn can we add in the newsletter if member would like a Q&A moment on youtube? @Chagai is willing to create one.
    • Can someone upload the meeting I facilitated on the wiki since there're problems with my account? I posted the outcome o the meeting in #general back then (Tanja)

  • Pick facilitator for next meeting