Meeting Minutes/2020-12-04 Regular Meeting

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Date: 2020-12-04 **16:00** UTC

Facilitator: Hlib

Present: Ivan, Chagai, Tanja and Shawn

Last week’s Action Points

  • @Ivan joined the newsletter group to see what it's about and if he can help.
    • Another member joined (@Jans). Waiting for Shawn to approve of thelayout and stories. In progress.
  • @Tanja is going to look into setting up a database and a format how we can collect members their photos to use for creating content/promo. @Ivan is joining this project too.
    • @Tanja started with it. @Mikael sent a google-drive link to @Tanja. Need to think about the legal aspect when users donate photos. @mpic hosted a blogger that could donate photos but for now, there hasn't been set up a procedure on how to collect photos.

New Topics

  • Current status of experiences. Tanja says it would be good if everyone was aware of the google-doc Mikael created [1]. It is mentioned again that we are not sure when experiences should be released. Hlib says that, for now, we are implementing non-controversial things anyway. @Chagai says there is non-technical stuff to be done.
  • A lot of work that is done is forgotten. @Chagai says that it is bad that a lot of work is put into some things but then nothing happens. @Hlib asks about the possible reasons and agrees that every hour of each volunteer is extremely valuable. One of the reasons might be that all the discussions are lost in long slack-threads. It is proposed to have a codi for each thread-channel and try keeping them up-to-date, and to have a message at the end of a long thread that summarizes it.
  • Switching to Matrix. @Chagai brings up again the question of switching to Matrix. Looks like everyone is positive about it. @Chagai mentions another benefit of Matrix: unlike in slack, we can store all the messages there without having a 10k-message limit (which is good if we need to search for old conversations). Everyone agrees that it would a good idea for @Chagai to first set up Matrix on his own server and once it's set up, let everyone play with it. @Tanja says that it's much better than reading the Matrix documentation and trying to understand how it works, which is not easy for her and as she believes for many others. In the future, we might want to install Matrix on the TR server.
  • When do we change the description on the FB group? Discussion about it can be found in the #general channel. (Tanja) We need to talk to Shawn about that.
  • Can you @Chagai explain the subject about sharing our members/collaboration with BeWelcome? (Tanja) @Chagai will ask BW if we can join forces (userbases in particular). @Chagai mentions there are technical issues to get users from TR, the discussion can be seen in slack. @Chagai will try to volunteer for bewelcome and then ask them about collaboration. @Shawn thinks conversation with BW can be fruitful. There was a talk about creating a federation of all hospex platforms.

@Shawn has joined the call. He has just returned from vacation and will check out the newsletter and facebook stuff.

  • Social Media and YouTube. @Chagai brings up again pushing social media, in particular youtube. He suggests we streamed weekly calls on youtube, and people could ask us questions about TR live. @Shawn suggests that instead, we could stream something like regular Trustroots QA/quiz nights.
  • Ahoyparty channel. @Tanja suggests AhoyParty needs some adjustments because it was hard for her to get familiar with the way we work, to get some links, etc. @Tanja suggests we made the bot to post an automatic message with all the useful information and links every time someone joins. @Shawn explains how ahoyparty works: Loberto, Paula are not involved anymore, reevaluation of the channel needed. @Tanja suggests ahoyparty just needs more "champions". Also, there is an idea (@Tanja or @Shawn ?) to create an introductory 2-min video for new volunteers, and ask if e.g. @Chagai wants to record it.

Action points and outcomes

  • @Shawn will look into Facebook description and newsletters stuff
  • @Hlib will go on implementing non-controversial technical experiences tasks
  • @Chagai will set up Matrix on his server.
  • @Hlib and @Tanja will try to see what are the best ways to summarize slack-channels and threads
  • Make slack-bot post message with useful information and links after each new volunteer joins
  • Think about creating a 2-min introductory video for new volunteers
  • Think about streaming Trustroots QA/quiz nights

Next Date: December 11, 16:00 UTC

Next Facilitator : TBD