Meeting Minutes/2020-07-27 Regular Meeting

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Minute Weekly Call Monday July 27th 2020

Date: 2020-07-27 **16:00** UTC

Facilitator: Loberto

Present: Stove, David, Jans, Shawn, Martin A, Chagai, Loberto


  • Hellos and check-in.
    • Jans and David joined for the first time =)
  • Last week's Action Points:
    • In promoting events, Shawn wants to create an "Event Tool Kit" as resource to create events and put it on wiki.
      • in parallel, we need to find the power user, potential ambassadors, event organizer, etc.
      • Martin A. and Ludo created an event in Torino. They can collaborate with their experience.
  • Martin A. is looking into figuring out how to send newsletters. He needs to get access to Mailtrain and find how the last one was sent.
    • Loberto will see if he can help, if not we will ping Mikael or Guaka.
  • Chagai will upload the video of the call from the 20th to Google Drive as soon as he has access.
  • Question for Guaka? There was a short list but he couldn't make it the call, so we will create a AMI Thread for him.
  • Areas of work, Stove would like feedback on the list:
    • Currently: Design, Development, Support, Translation, SocialMedia, VA, & (F,L,S), Communication (blog and newsletter)
    • (F,L,S) would be good to have profesional on these areas in case of future need.
    • We may need an area for Ambassadors.
    • Loberto pointed to for a longer list.
  • Chagai wants to make more people aware of use of tinyurls and the time zone websites specifically.
    • tinyurls could be useful to save space in the "about" for the channels.
    • the general view is to use UTC for all time
  • It was pointed out that IF/WHEN the community grows, we may need to start doing 2 meetings a week, or going back to rotating the time of them.

Action Points

  • None really...