Meeting Minutes/2020-07-06 Regular Meeting

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-07-06 16:00 UTC
  • Facilitator: Loberto
  • Present: Chagai, Stove, Pramus, Loberto, Dario, Shawn, Mariano, Michael, Paula, Philipp (maybe someone else...)


  • Hellos and checkin
  • Raising awareness to recording our calls - especially the tech one's but also the discussions and even the chit chat - only if everyone on the call is comfortable with it of course! /Chagai
    • Concerns were raised regarding privacy, both personal (voice, face, room, etc) and professional (taking ideas from the recording to another platform)
    • ---> it was agreed to move to Slack for further conversation
  • thoughts on -theoretically- buying Couchsurfing for the user database (making a petition, setting up a donation option, etc.) /Chagai - Shawn
    • Shawn heard something in some circles, just wanting to open the discussion and puting the idea in the open.
    • If Couchsurfing goes down the drain, we could theoretically try to do a fundraiser to buy out Couchsurfing and get access to their user database. Current value is 23 Million Dollars (that’s what was invested in it at some point)
  • promoting events on trustroots /Chagai - Shawn
    • finding power user to find people to promote events /Shawn
    • Adrian think of giving badges (gamification) - not only restricted to events, it can be a more general functionality also used for perks (10,50,100 etc. people hosted) or profile completion % /Adrian
    • Making "best practices" to organize events.
    • Finding people already organizing event and get feedback from them (tools they would want, etc)
    • there once were trustroots stickers. We could find them and distribute the design (is it open?)
    • Writing info for next Newsletter
    • Shawn will start the doc and convo
  • discuss one last time the bridging to other platforms and have a vote on trying out a very basic minimal set up which will try to take into account all the issues that were mentioned (Chagai)
    • Chagai will go ahead with a Test Run bridging Slack with one other platform (Whatsapp, TG, etc)
  • discuss adding a basic matrix set up with jitsi to try it out, maybe bring it up to a vote of enough people are interested in reading about the suggestion. (Chagai)
    • Matrix suggestion to be re-read and discussed by tech area, to decide which to use whether protocol, SDK etc.
    • Do we need IM in TR? Or can we use external apps specialised in that?
  • VA Team is looking for centralizing information on Regular Calls /Loberto
    • If you organize a call that is open to others, please share them on #va_secret_lab
  • VA Team is trying to make a Volunteer Map
    • Wanting 1 #AreaChampion for each area, a person to go to when there are questions, or to point new volunteers who want to help there.
  • Volunteers who only work in 1 limited area
    • It was discussed it they need to be part of Slack (not really a point in "making" then, since they can always ignore it)
    • it sounds like single area volunteers are acceptable as long as there are not many questions /Stove
      • If Social Media mods need to answer big question, should they join Slack?
    • Here we see the need for a Contact person, or in Charge person, to organize this “Lone Wolfs”
  • Codi Best Practices
    • info gaps already happening from different discussions
    • For people who edit in Codi (specially the weekly meeting one) it would be nice to log in to Codi, or at least edit their guest name to keep control on the version editing
    • There is a need to put efforts on Documentation; with easy way to access to it and search for it
      • Slack is a glorified Chat Room, so not a good place for permanent info
    • There were question about a Roadmap for the developers
  • Sharing News / Making Announcement on the Monday meeting
    • whenever someone makes a decision or is having an important discussion, share it on the weekly meeting.
    • Update the main codi ( with updates from all meetings to avoid loss of info

Action points and outcomes

Next Date: July 13th 2020, **16:00** UTC Next Facilitator: You?

  • More discussion is needed to see the desire to record meeting
  • Shawn will look into seeing how to promote events with the most active users, maybe writing info for a Newsletter
  • Chagai will implement a test bridge between Slack and one other platform
  • VA Team is gathering info to share around: regular calls, volunteers map, and those outside of slack.
  • If you use Codi, keep an eye out for a Best Practices handout
  • Efforts are going towards Documentation, so start documenting things done, changes made, etc
  • If things worth noting happen, let's share them in the Weekly meeting (add them to the Agenda)
  • Maybe we should make a call for more Devs in the next Newsletter