Meeting Minutes/2020-06-29 Regular Meeting

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-06-29 18:00 UTC+2/CEST
  • Facilitator: Martin A.
  • Present: Chagai, Laura, Loberto, Mariano, Martin A., Matt, Mikael, Shawn, Paula


  • Hellos and checkin
  • Update on Volunteer Advocate development /Martin A.
    • A new role of people who welcome new volunteers joining, explains them Trustroots and different volunteering tasks, helps them to connect.
    • New volunteers needed for the role!
    • Current volunteering documentation:
    • First things:
    • Would be great if there would be group of people who Welcome new volunteers; make them feel like they're part of something, engage them. Little things like that help people commit better in long run.
  • Need to change video chat link, perhaps also time? /Martin A.
    • Everyone send suggestions to Slack, Martin can pick one, we can try them out some point randomly during Slack. :-)
  • Renaming Tribes discussion /Martin A.
    • A summary of the issue can be found here:
    • Shortlist already down to: Circles, Families, Rings
    • In async conversation over on Slack, everyone seems to agree about Circles, while "Rings" and "Families" have had both cons/pros. Decided we will go for Circles as a replacement term.
    • Google+ was using "Circles"
    • Changing the term:
    • Mikael made a quick tool for CS profile exports
    • Feel free to share in different conversations!
    • Matt points out that too easy signup flow from CoushSpinner to Trustroots might bring too many wrong kinda people to try out Trustroots, just like Facebook connection did for Couchsurfing.
      • Valid point! Mikael will follow activity numbers first if it even makes sense
    • Chagai could help with adding the profile import feature on Trustroots, could screenshare with Mikael to learn how to implement it.
  • We talked about inactive users and about work we did to get reply rates up as well bring user quality more up (more filled profiles, better reply rates)  :-)

Action points and outcomes

  • Next Date: July 06, 16:00 UTC
  • Next Facilitator: You?
    • The weekly meeting last week (22nd) was not held due to lacking participation.
    • Join the #AhoyParty and help us develop the Volunteer Advocate role!
    • We will gather options for new video meeting locations in Slack and then decide for next week. Martin will organise if necessary.
    • Tribes will become Circles! Mariano and Martin will work on the blog announcement (help welcome), while Mikael will set up the basics for getting the ball rolling on the actual change.
    • Have a look at CouchSpinner ( and spread the word :)