Meeting Minutes/2020-06-15 Regular Meeting

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-06-15 18:00 UTC+2/CEST
  • Facilitator: Martin
  • Present: Chagai, Martin, Michael, Mikael


  • Hellos and checkin
  • Create page with hello/checkin info? /Martin
    • Questions: (What is your current life situation/context? What are you motivated to contribute to trustroots? What do you need from others? What can offer to others?)
    • Plenty of answers here already:
    • Julien's answers in Slack
    • Mikael will set up something for async conversation in the coming weeks, we'll gather the information there then.
  • Volunteer advocate? [Mikael introduce the idea on Slack]
    • Person who would welcome new developers(hopefully have a woman as well so women feel more comfortable in the see of men, maybe schedule 1 on 1 video call to make the volunteers feel more comfortable)
    • Instead of a list of skills we have; and that participaiting in discussions is equally important(saying your opinion, voting on it, keeping the developers motivated).
  • FYI, engineering call poll:
  • Update from the React Native workbench
    • Lazy week, Michael at the beach :D
    • Needs designs for "empty states" [Mikael can look into this]
  • Pick facilitator for next meeting
  • Random questions

Action points and outcomes

  • Next Date: June 22, 19:00
  • Next Facilitator:
    • Mikael has set up a poll to check times for the engineering call
    • After an async solution has been sorted (in a couple of weeks, by Mikael) we will gather the hello/checkin answer in one spot.
    • Michael is at the beach for a lazy week but needs designs for "empty states" [Mikael can look into this]
    • We will try to organise a Volunteer Advocate role, Martin will add a brief summary on Slack and we will see where things go.