Meeting Minutes/2020-05-11 Regular Meeting

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  • Thoughts/comments before sending non-binary email off to Weblate?
   * Email's ready.
   * Plans to talk about it on the Trustroots blog.
   * Cannot peer-review: only one translator per language.
  • Newsletter update (by Julien)
   * Decided: Full text as blog post, teasers as email
   * Mailtrain template created
   * Sorta ready to go, please load up the email list to Mailtrain
       * Make Julien sign the "don't leak" paper.
  • CoC (Martin)
   * Some points are still open. Feedback welcome
   * See if we need to upate the User "rules"
  • start "organizational structure" meetings (Nick)
   * original post from Edvard during hackweek time
   * my idea for seperate meetings is for those actively interested in progressing this to work on it further
       * more the meta-level for now, how to organize the organizing ;)
   * Next week agenda