Meeting Minutes/2019-12-16

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2019-12-16 15:00 UTC+1
  • Facilitator: Nick
  • Participants: Nick, Noah, Mikael, Dario, Michal, Talita


  • kanthaus hackweek! thinking in April… (nick)
    • fill in if you haven’t already
      • tentatively April 13th week
    • what kind of hackweek do we want?
      • mikael: better to know each other and talking, less coding
      • noah: both, a gathering to talk and learn and get to know each other, also have dedicated timeslots for more focused work, fixing github issues, learning by doing
      • dario: no particular preference, would be nice to get to know each other in person :) nice to have some code guidance as a beginner
      • nick: lean more towards focused work, but also open to all approaches, I enjoy helping people
    • … maybe multiple spaces for focusing vs talking? (two?)
    • … send invitation for a survey to all trustroots members
  • Limesurvey (Noah) and learnings from support messages (Dario)
    • plan to set it up on a server (Noah)
    • put up a list of questions, let us feedback on them first
    • in January send it out to full user database
    • motivation: get an idea why we are here and what we’re doing? are we just programming and hope they enjoy? or making something for the people? (preference for that)
    • what do the users want from the site? what do they need? etc…
    • publish in a readable manner for everybody after that
    • mikael: careful about not being too specific about features, seems nice, but useful to have an interepration layer. open ended (prefer) vs specifics. find rough pain points. lots of input -> find main use cases -> analyse just the few important use cases.
    • mikael: will create a trustroots server to run limesurvey on
    • nick: can assist with server setup if needed
    • mikael: sending all emails, need to talk/think about that… will talk to nick about it
    • dario: also read a lot of the historic support messages and found 3 main topics (reference system, better mobile experience, not enough people)
      • maybe better feedback as the people already wrote to us about these things
      • worried about people leaving because of these missing features
    • mikael: explains how the welome email system works (sending emails in a sequence after they sign up)
      • features: there is a feature and there is a specific need behind it. (reference vs. trust, say thank you, …). Let’s identify these needs behind
    • noah: survey is also about getting community involvement, move from passive -> active users
  • Blog posting changes/thoughts publicly? (Nick & Mikael)
    • mikael: last notes were lovely, maybe would be nice basis for a blog post, introduction of people, and changes, they know something is happening. blog posts also useful for ourselves, and transparency.
    • nick: agree, and also trying to stimulate people to write introduction posts
  • if we have enough time and if only NDA-signers are taking part: How to handle theft case and similar ones? (Dario)
    • dario: theft case in summer, from a person with a history of this. how to suspend suspicious profiles, they just come back again… maybe somebody has some new ideas about how to deal with it?
      • idea was to quarantine people (“shadow ban”), so they think they are still on the site
      • mikael: two tracks: 1) what does the process look like when this stuff happens (guidelines), 2) dario/noah/others? to have autonomy to make decisions about these topics to avoid needing to rely on mikael (bottleneck)
      • mikael: technically, can do stuff on github… (safety repo I guess), relates to references as a safety feature
      • noah: regarding agency, is fine to kick out profiles, feels strange to decide it on his own, wants a 2nd/3rd person to agree to prevent abuse of moderator power
      • noah: maybe we can get some of the users to help too
      • nick: part of (co-operatively run mastodon instance) which has a community working team to do moderation, I’ll dig out some notes on it!
      • mikael: collaboration with bewelcome (or warmshowers)? how to define these guidelines, brainstorming, supporting each other. building a consensus on good/bad behaviour.
  • meeting meta: kanthaus codi pad? structure? frequency? where to put minutes? (nick)
    • michal: would be happy with regular meeting like this
    • nick: maybe every 2 weeks?
    • dario: putting the minutes on discourse (, but it’s not up now
  • Social(Meeting-) Structure for Volunteers that are not in this ‘inner circle’ of ‘slack users’ / ‘attendantes of this meeting’ (Noah)
    • noah: where should be the place be to gather these people, meta discourse was very chaotic and not moderated, looked like an open bucket to dump opinions
    • nick: example discourse for karrot
      • there are many community groups that use software. They have their places to come together, discourse: inside Karrot, the new discussion topics appear
      • meta of Karrot might work differently from TR meta, most discussions happen within the groups.

Next meeting

  • Next Date: 2019-12-30 17:00 UTC+1
  • Next Facilitator: Dario, backup Nick