How to organize a camp

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Organizing a meeting or camp for hospitality exchange people is not too difficult, but some things should be taken care of.


There are different types of camps/meetings. Depending on the time you have and the amount of people.

  • Regular Meeting / One day
    • The best ones are the spontaneous ones when you have a guest over, just SMS to several people in your town if they would like to meet up the same evening..
  • Camp / Several days
    • Camp -Style Several (organized) activities
      • Look for a big place to where people can camp & be
    • 'Home'-Style
      • People from your town take several guests
      • Central meeting place
      • Several (organized) activities


There are different Types of meetings. Interesting is to split those ones up and think about different structure they could have.


Before you announce, pick a good date. Make sure people will be able to come, e.g. choose a date during holidays. Once the date is chosen some travellers might have planned to change their itinerary, or even booked flights, so it's definitely not a good idea to change the date later on.

Also find some people close to you to work on the camp together.


When you organize meetings/camps over several days with a large number of participants is it excellent when you organize different activities where people can participate in. The normally big party crowd gets split up. Throughout different activities and interaction in smaller groups people will to get to know each other easier.

  • Workshops
  • Citytours
  • Games

Jigsaw Set Ups are especially recommendable and to aspire.


  • announce your meeting on many sites
    • the Hospitality Club forum
    • the CouchSurfing meet functionality
      • to make your life easier you can have your message sent to all members of a specific group
    • you can use the space on this wiki
    • contact some, or all, active members in the region where you organize your meeting
    • try to contact some active members in other regions, such as other people who are organizing large meetings, this way people who attend that meeting can be informed about your meeting


  • try to make sure it won´t be too expensive
    • many people will come on a very low budget


  • when there is outside camping involved
    • try to arrange some spare tents or a place inside where people can sleep, not everyone brings his or her own tent

For a big camp you can set up a seperate website, where people (independent from the networks), can register.

Successful camps

Year Date Location Title Organizer / Main Network Categorie Size Pictures Other notes
2005 Latvia / Riga WinterCamp / HC&CS Camp
Germany / Freiburg Freiburg Party / HC Party
Germany / Berlin Berlin Beach Camp / HC&CS Camp
France / Monnai Spring Camp - 5th Birthday of HospitalityClub pietshah / HC Camp 350ppl
04/28 - 05/01 Netherlands / The Hague Dutch Spring Camp - Hospitality Queens Day Tour hc netherland / HC&CS Camp 100ppl
03/18 - 03/20 Polen / Poznan Spring Camp natuchela / HC Camp 100ppl
12/27 - 01/04 Lithuania / Vilnius HC WINTER CAMP & NEW YEAR'S PARTY jone, augustas, vladas,, salvo, justee / HC Camp 250ppl the meeting point was a club in the city center, the visitors stayed at hospitalityclub member places

Germany / Berlin Berlin Party hc berlin / HC Party 70ppl
2004 09/03 - 09/05 Germany / Dresden Summer Camp Veit / HC Camp 150ppl Veit's garden
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