How to handle Couchscroogers

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What is a Couchscrooger?

  • A couchscrooger is someone taking in guests, but not willing to be involved otherwise,
  • not sharing their culture, not trying to give the guest a feel like home feeling.
  • Complaining on everything, offering nothing!
  • Creating very complicated rules and demanding too much.
  • They are couchpotatoes on their own couch.

How to deal with Couchscroogers?

  • Always be polite
  • You never know why people react that way.
  • Maybe you are way different as the person they had expected.
  • Other things came up and they do not know how to handle that cooping with you being there.
  • Some Couchscrooge are the kind of Homey freeloaders.
  • They consider themselves as the generous host offering you a place to sleep.
  • Now, according them, it is your time to show your generosity, by paying all the food,
  • spending's at a night out etc.

Other people do not realize they are acting that way. As well their mood might change and your visit ends up into a wonderful friendship.

Knowing that you are not going on a vacation spending your time with a scrooge, it is not always that easy to find yourself another place.

No matter what, stay calm and be correct. Make the best of it yourself. Unless they are really unfair, in that case you are able to give a negative advice. If the host is rude you are able to complain with the community.