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  • If the desired page is already a "red" link somewhere, just klick it with your mouse and you're in the process of creating a new page. Yes, it's that easy;)
  • If your page isn't linked so far, go to an existing page from where you want to link your new page and add a link like [[your link]]. After saving the page your new link will appear in read color.
  • Using Templates
    Templates are nice as they save a lot of work and make similar pages look the same. In general it's just using {{Templatename}} within your page, additional info can be found on the template pages:
  • A suggested structure for regional guides is:
    • World Regions (more a structure)
      • If suitable: Country Groups (Like Oceania, Baltica, Arabic Emirates?)
    • Countries
      • If suitable: Areas (USA -> California, Germany -> Bavaria)
    • City
      • If suitable: City Parts (Hamburg ->Altona, New York ->Brooklyn, Cairo ->Giza)

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