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Time for a Location for the 2nd meeting!

The planning for a second meeting per month is up and running, but where shall it be?

Juicy Fresh, Bartelstraße 55 in the Schanzenviertel "3 zimmer wohnung" in St Pauli

Final results 1. here are the options, feel free to send me your thoughts! 18 48.6% Juicy Fresh, Bartelstraße 55 in the Schanzenviertel 19 51.4% "3 zimmer wohnung" in St Pauli

Your opinion on our CS Meetings !

This survey is to collect your opinion on our CS meetings.

Final results 1. On which day of the week would like to have the CS meetings ? 1 1.7% Monday 1 1.7% Tuesday 1 1.7% Wenesday 13 21.7% Thursday 27 45.0% Friday 5 8.3% Saturday 1 1.7% Sunday 11 18.3% any day of the week Final results 2. How often would do you like to have a meeting? 8 13.3% once a month 45 75.0% twice a month 7 11.7% weekly Final results 3. Which place do you find suitable for our meeting? (for 50 and more people) 29 48.3% Zoe Bar 1 1.7% Juicy Bar 3 5.0% I will post a sugestion for an other place on this forum. 27 45.0% no preference