Free Hugs Campaign

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The Free Hugs Campaign is a social movement involving individuals who offer hugs to strangers in public places.


  1. Be clean. Have shower on the day, try not to smoke beforehand and dress appropriately.
  2. Put yourself in a good mood. Smile. Positive energy is contagious.
  3. Do not try to convince people to hug you. Try to avoid approaching people but allow them to approach you instead. They will hug you if they want a hug. It should never be forced.
  4. Avoid alcohol and drugs while doing Free Hugs.
  5. Remember to be prepared. Bring a sign or materials to make signs.

Upcoming Events

Check CouchSurfing group for Free Hugs Campaigners for latest events.

The BeWelcome group is not active - yet. Join them!

Past Events

May 1st 2007. Prague, Czech Republic