CouchSurfing Collective

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CouchSurfing Collectives were a way for people to improve couchsurfing while not worrying too much about paying rent and food.

How did those CS collectives work btw?

If Casey wanted to go to a specific country, a scout would be sent to find a house. The Collectives were usually quite chaotic, with some people thinking they had a plan, and others that were completely unaware of this.

The lack of transparency was a big part of this chaos.

What kind of places they were?

Big houses with plenty of space.

Who organized the house?

Random people who felt like organizing. Later on people were appointed as "managers".

The food?

Paid by couchsurfing. People would go shopping with the couchsurfing credit card and otherwise receipts were reimbursed.

How much people there were?

guaka says too many. Most people weren't actually contributing in any meaningful way.