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Country: France
Region: Auvergne
Blason of the City
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Clermont-Ferrand is a city of France, in the Auvergne region. Its suburban area has more than 400,000 inhabitants. The local CS group has been settled recently, and counts around 300 members. The city is situated in the middle of nowhere, because it's in the middle of a wonderful green and mountained area called the "Massif-Central".

This CS Wiki page will show you what to do in this wonderful city, and gives you some tips.


Clermont ranks among the oldest cities of France. The first known mention was by the Greek geographer Strabo. The city was at that time called Nemessos—a Gaulish word for a sacred forest. It witnessed the famous Battle of Gergovia won by the Gauls led by Vercingetorix over the Romans led by Julius Caesar, in 52 BC. After the Roman conquest, the city was called Augustonemetum, a name which combined its original Gallic name with that of the Emperor Augustus. Its population was estimated at 15000–30000 inhabitants in the 2nd century, making it one of the largest cities of Roman Gaul.

In 848, the city was renamed Clairmont, after the castle Clarus Mons. During this era, it was an episcopal city ruled by its bishop, and it was the starting point of the First Crusade from the Christian world to free Jerusalem from Muslim domination—Pope Urban II preached the crusade there in 1095 at the Council of Clermont. In 1120, to counteract the power of the clergy, the counts of Auvergne founded the city of Montferrand on the model of the new cities of the Midi. In 1551, Clermont became a royal city, and in 1610, the inseparable property of the Crown.

On 15 April, 1630, the Edict of Troyes (the First Edict of Union) forcibly joined the two cities of Clermont and Ferrand. This union was confirmed in 1731 by Louis XV with the Second Edict of Union. At this time Montferrand was no more than a satellite city of Clermont, in which condition it remained until the beginning of the 20th century. Wishing to retain its independence, Montferrand made three demands for independence, in 1789, 1848, and 1863.

In the 20th century, the construction of the Michelin factories and city gardens, which shaped the modern Clermont-Ferrand, definitively reunited Clermont and Montferrand. Today, although the two cities are amalgamated, one may find in Clermont-Ferrand two distinct downtowns, and Montferrand retains a strong identity.

More informations about the History of Clermont-Ferrand on the wikipedia:Clermont-Ferrand !


The Cathedral
General Desaix
The Pope Urbain II
The Opera
Lecocq Garden
Jaude Square
Basilique Notre Dame
Bargoin Museum
Apothicaire's House

More informations about the places to visit in Clermont-Ferrand on the wikivoyage:Clermont-Ferrand !


Free Internet/Wifi Access

You can go to the Jardin Lecoq, situated in the very center and always wonderful. There's a bar in the middle, but you can get the wifi for free almost everywhere in the Park. Near the universities (Gergovia, la Rotonde) you also can log on for free.

Other places where you can get some free Internet Access:

  • Espace Info Jeunes - Adresse: 5 rue Saint Genès - Tel: 04 73 92 30 50
  • GRETA Clermont-Ferrand - Adress: Lycée Lafayette, 21 Boulevard Robert Schuman - Tel: 04 73 26 35 06
  • PRATIC - Adress: 14 rue Jean Claret - Tel: 04 73 15 06 10
  • ADMIRA As des Ass - Adress: 8 allée Evariste Galois - Tel: 04 73 44 50 80
  • Association Vidéoformes - Adress: 64 rue Lamartine
  • Cyber-base Home Dôme - Adress: 12 Place de Régensburg - Tel: 04 73 29 40 77
  • ADMIRA CARTIC - Adress: 8 allée Evariste Galois - Tel: 04 73 44 50 80

Nice & Cheap Places to Eat

Some of the restaurants that Couch surfers will recommend :
- Los Dos Hermanos, tapas restaurant and bar, 21 rue Georges Clemenceau (see here).



There are about 350 Couchsurfers in Clermont-Ferrand and the area, feel free to contact them by searching them on a couchsurf or by posting some messages on the CS Group of Clermont-Ferrand.

Meeting Organisers

Some organisers of the meetings in Clermont-Ferrand :



There are some meetings organised in Clermont-Ferrand, you can check on the CS Group of Clermont-Ferrand if there is something happened or check on the Regional CS Group of Auvergne to see if there is an event organised in the area.

Coffee or a drink

Here is a list of local couchsurfers who could be ready to show you the city or/and have a drink with you:
See some places to have drinkk :
- The Still Irish bar, Irish bar, 7 boulevard Léon Malfreyt (see here)
- The Baker Street, 1 place Louis Aragon (see here)


How to get to Clermont-Ferrand

  • By Car:
  • By Bus:
  • By Train:

Bus and Tramway



  • Police Station:

Tel: 17

  • Health Urgency:

SAMU Tél. 15

  • Hospital:

SAMU Tél. 15
Accueil des urgences:
- Children, à l'Hôtel Dieu - Tél. 04 73 75 00 50
- Adults, à l'hôpital Gabriel Montpied, St. Jacques - Tél. 04 73 75 07 50

  • Fireman Station:

Tel: 18

  • Embassy:

Consulat du Portugal: 1 rue Phillippe Glangeaud - 63007 Clermont-Ferrand - Tel:

  • Emergency Doctor:

Médecine de garde AMUAC (24h/24), Tél. 04 73 44 10 00 (pour Clermont-Ferrand, Chamalières, Durtol et Royat)
S.O.S Médecins (24h/24), Tél. 04 73 42 22 22
Pharmacie DUCHER, 1 Place Delille à Clermont-Ferrand - Tél. 04 73 91 31 77 (24h/24)


File:Article CS - Le Journal du Centre - 25 Juin 2009 Clermont Ferrand.bmp
Le Journal du Centre/La Montagne, Local Newspaper, June 25th 2009