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Country: France
Region: Rhône-Alpes
Blason of the City
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Chambery is a city in the Savoie department in the Rhône-Alpes region in southeastern France. It is the capital of the department and has been the historical capital of the Savoy region since the 13th century, when Amadeus V of Savoy made it his seat of power. Chambéry was founded at crossroads of ancient routes through the Dauphiné (Dôfenâ), Burgundy, Switzerland, and Italy, in a valley between the Bauges and the Chartreuse Mountains on the Leysse River. The metropolitan area has more than 125,000 inhabitants, extending from the vineyard slopes of the Combe de Savoie, almost to the shores of the Lac du Bourget, the largest natural lake in France. The city is a major railroad hub, at the mid-point of the Franco-Italian "Lyon-Turin Ferroviaire" rail link.


The first counts of Savoy settled into an existing fortress in 1285 and expanded it in the early 14th century to serve as residence, as seat of power and administration, and as stronghold for the House of Savoy. As a serious fortification genuinely capable of resisting a siege, it was quickly obsolete. Due to constant French hostilities, Duke Emmanuel Philibert decided to remove his capital to Turin. The chateau remained purely an administrative centre, until Christine of France, Duchess of Savoy, returned to hold court in 1640. In 1786 Victor Amadeus III added a Royal Wing. Under Napoleon, the Aile du Midi ("South Wing") was rebuilt and redecorated to house the imperial prefecture of the department of Mont-Blanc. Elaborate modification to the structure were made after Savoy was annexed by France in 1860.

Today, the political administration of the department of Savoie is located in the castle.

More informations about the History of Chambery on the wikipedia:Chambery !


The Elephant Fountain
The Town Hall
File:Chambery 7246.jpg
The Pedestrian Area

More informations about the places to visit in Chambery on the wikivoyage:Chambery and even the Official Website of the Office of Tourism !


Free Internet/Wifi Access

Here is a list of places where you can get some free Internet/Wifi access:

  • Centre socioculturel de Pugnet - Adress: 86, av Daniel-Rops - Tel: 04 79 85 26 63
  • Espace Curial Multimédia - Adress: Carré Curial. BP 208. - Tel: 04 70 60 04 04
  • Maison de la Promotion Sociale - Adress: 116, rue Sainte-Rose - Tel:
  • Bibliothèque Georges Brassens - Adress: Rue du Pré de l'Ane - Tel: 04 79 72 25 81
  • ASSOCIATION DES DEMANDEURS D'EMPLOI - Adress: 132 rue des Bernardines 73000 CHAMBERY - Tel:
  • Centre social et culturel des Chataîgners - Adress: 165 Rue Jean-Paul Sartre - Tel: 04 79 72 47 99
  • Mission Locale du Bassin Chambérien - Adress: 72 rue Paulette BESSON BP 9438 - Tel: 04 79 33 50 84
  • Savoie Information Jeunesse-BIJ - Adress: 79 place de la gare - Tel: 04 79 62 66 87

Nice & Cheap Places to Eat



There are about 150 Couchsurfers in Chambery and its area. You can check the CS Group of Aix-les-Bains & Chambery or simply a couchsearch to find and contact them.


There are sometimes some meetings organised in Chambery, just check the CS Group of Aix-les-Bains & Chambery to see what happen in the city and/or the Regional CS Group of Rhône-Alpes to see if there is any event in the area.

Coffee or a Drink

Here is a list of persons who are ready to have a drink with you and/or show you the city:


How to get to Chambery

  • By Car: You can reach Chambéry with the motorway A43 Lyon ; A6 Paris ; A7 Marseille ; A41 GenèveChambéry

– Paris : 560 km – Lyon : 98 km – Grenoble : 57 km – Marseille : 350 km - Chamonix : 149 km – Turin : 240 km – Genève : 90 km

73420 Le Viviers du Lac tél : 33/(0)4 79 54 49 54

Aéroport de Grenoble tél : 33/(0)4 76 65 55 32 (60 km)

Aéroport Lyon-St Exupéry tél : 33/(0)4 72 22 72 21 (75 km)

Aéroport de Genève tél : 41 22 798 32 43 (90 km)




  • Police Station:

Tel: 17
Gendarmerie: 04 79 71 82 00

  • Health Urgency:

Tel: 15 or 112

  • Hospital:

Hôpital: 04 79 96 50 50

  • Fireman Station:

Tel: 18

  • Embassy:
  • Emergency Doctor:

SOS Médecins 73: 04 79 69 46 46