BeWelcome Berlin summer camp outcomes

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This page is written in the context of BeWelcome.

Documenting results of our Finow meeting (

Meinhard's notes


  • have mailing list running again by Monday
  • use parts of SCRUM development method
  • start migration with profiles
  • consider using issue system for bugs and tasks
  • try to put logic into modules that can be reused by other projects
  • we should have tasks that newbies can take care of (compare with
  • use coding standards and "code sniffer"
  • tools clean-up work page:
  • feature brainstorm:

Task division

  • guaka: migration and general help
  • matthias: theming
  • crumbking: theming
  • meinhard: migration project coordination, coding, sys admin
  • bikepunk: finish the FAQs update task force

Better deployment process for rox

  • copy current master branch to new "abandoned" branch
  • copy current production branch to master branch
  • remove alpha branch
  • new process:
  1. develop locally (possibly with local branches)
  2. push to master
  3. code review (at least one person, announce to mailing list and wait for response)
  4. pull master branch to test web server (lamb)
  5. test the test site
  6. if ok: merge master into production
  7. pull production branch on live web server (deer)
  8. test the live site