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This is our local community message board. It's a place for travelers to meet Austinites, and for local members to meet each other. Post about your cool events, favorite local spots, questions for the experts, or just introduce yourself and KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD!

Austin Couchsurfing Calendar of Events!

Guidelines: Couch Requests: Please ask members individually after reading their profile information. For urgent or unique requests, you should post your request in the main Austin group.

Emergencies: In a real emergency contact Marcy, CS Country Ambassador or Joshua, the Austin City Ambassador.

Information about Austin: Austin CitySearch, Wikipedia, or offer a question here.

What to do in Austin:

Events, Music & Film Festivals:

Alternative Accommodations:

Hostelling International- Austin 2200 S. Lakeshore Blvd. Austin, TX, 78741 512.444.2294

Rodeway Inn University Downtown 2900 N. I-35, Austin, TX, 78705-3404 512.477.6395

Getting Here & Getting Around:

BY PLANE Austin-Bergstrom International Airport 3600 Presidential Blvd. Austin, Texas 78719 512.530.2242

BY TRAIN AmTrak 250 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78703 800.872.7245

BY BUS Austin Greyhound Station 916 E Koenig Lane, Austin, TX 78751 512.458.4463 Baggage: 512.454.9686

Coach America (Dobie Mall Stop near campus) Funny Papers 2025 Guadalupe Street, Suite 256 Austin, TX 800.474.3352

Austin Cap Metro 2910 East 5th Street, Austin, Texas 78702 800.474.1201

BY BICYCLE Biking in Austin