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From advice by Den Iskandarov on the hitchhikers forum May 21st, 2013

Adishi village
View from Chkhunderi pass. Adishi glacier in the middle. Tetnuldi summit (4800m)on the left side. Shkhara summits(5200m)on the right side.

An almost forgotten village with couple people living there constantly. So you want see there shops, apothecas or any king of civilization things.

1. It is possible to hitchhike there, but it can be very difficult. Road from Mestia to Adishi is very difficult also Adishi is not some central village so traffic to this destination can be very low. Especially if bad weather could be no traffic at all.You can walk by feet from Mestia to Adishi, with some present hiking trails. Or pay about $100 for personal jeep kind auto from Mestia to Adishi. Also you can ask to hitchhike from Mestia to village Bogreshi, which is on central crossroads after Mestia. Crossroads to Adishi and Ushguli. From Bogreshi to Adishi about 2 hours walk
2. Yes, there are some homestays. I can't recommend you one because there is no choice ))). You will stay in some family house...There is some king of guest house.
3. From Adishi to Adishi glacier is about 2-3 hours walk by very pleasant trail.
4. You can hike from Ushguli to Lentekhi by crossing Gorvashi, Latpari passes - this is only hiking way. official "highway" from Ushguli to Lentekhi might be closed so you want meet any car on your way.
5. Lentekhi has much more civil traces then upper Svanetia has. You can hitchhike to Kutaisi or pay couple GELs for minibus "marshutka" which should be constantly moving between Lentekhi and Kutaisi